Replace Your Day Job Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Replace Your Day JobReplace Your Day Job is a new website created by Natalie James aimed specifically at people looking to enter the work from home community.  Her website promises jobs working with major, multinational companies earning anywhere between $15-$75 an hour, either full or part time.

The sales page is primarily dedicated to Natalie’s experiences being unable to pay her bills or find reasonable work in this terrible economy, until she came across this very opportunity that she wants to share with you.

Ultimately is just a portal website that will bring you to the Auction Listing Agent opportunity.  Auction Listing is not new – there are many websites out there who are already providing this same opportunity.

The way these websites work is that you will be charged anywhere from $47-$197 to be trained as an auction listing agent, then you must become a member of a drop shipping company for an added fee.  Then you list items for sale on eBay that you never have to buy, store, or ship, because that is taken care of by the drop ship company.

So is Replace Your Day Job a Scam?

Selling items on eBay and working with a drop shipping company are completely legitimate ways of making money.  The particular problem here is not the work that’s being done, but the way that Replace Your Day Job presents this work.

Replace Your Day Job treats you as if you are actually applying for a telecommuting work at home position.  They even make you fill out an application asking for your level of education.  This is purposefully misleading.  The truth is that working as an auction listing agent is completely independent employment – you are not being hired by anyone and you should not have to fill out an application.

Then, they don’t tell you until after you are “hired” that you must pay for training and that you must pay the drop ship company for their services. Depending on what kind of service you’ll require from the company, that could cost you anywhere from $39.95 to $249.95 a month.

Going along with their presentation that you are applying for a job, they also tell you that you will earn between $15-$75 an hour.  But the way you make money with auction listing is simply by selling the products for more than they cost at the drop ship company. There is no guaranteed rate of pay.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Looks like and most other similar websites will tell you they will teach you everything on how to make $$$ using the Internet and they want $97 until you try to leave their page ,, then the price will drop to $77

    I almost fell for it because of the 60 day $$$ Back Guarantee .

    But I started to look for outside reviews like YOURS !!

    Thanks !!
  • Work at home - Thanks for your review. Fortunately I sent them a fake name, internet address and phone number. I will keep trying to find a prim and proper site ~~~~ Jerry, near sacramento ~~~~
  • I checked this out and found that according to area where I lived there were only 2 sites available for work. Then I was asked to pay 97.00. I dont think so.
  • I am soooo glad I checked this out before I hit the "submit" button on I should have known there was something fishy because when I tried to close the page, the price went from $97 down to $27. That should have told me something, but it didn't at the time. Then I read the disclaimer and got a little more information. It states there that they don't guarantee the income you could make, the earnings in the advertisement are not typical, etc., etc., etc. I also smelled a rat when it wasn't clear what you were getting for your $97. That's when I decided to check it out further. Thanks everybody for letting the save my money, even if it was only $27!

    That old adage is so true: If it sounds too good to be true - it definitely is!!
  • I did not try the program. I came here and read your reviews the advise of my wise mother. These work at home jobs are usually things that you can do yourself if you know they exist and how to go about it without buying anything. I wish I could find one but never have been able to. Now for work at home jobs, there are many. There are actually reputable companies that hire work at home people, that's if you really just want to work at home. I work at home. It is just like a job that I would get up and go to. I work 9-6 have 2 breaks and an hour lunch. I work for Enterprise Rent A Car as a reservation agent. I also know that Amazon has work at home jobs because one of the girls I work with used to work there. Don't give up there are really great work at home jobs it just depends on whether you are trying to get rich quick or just be at home. I wanted to be at home with my kids thats why did it.
    • Thanks for your post. It really helped me out. I'm going to look into Amazon and the car rental company. I know something legitimate will turn up.
  • So glad I read these reviews first! I smell a rat anytime someone ask for money for a job or to work. Atty General office says if money is requested up front then don't do it. It is usually a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Thanks to all for these reviews. Thought it sounded like a scam, if not they would be billionaires because everyone would be joining. They run everyone out of business. lol
  • I checked with the BBB in my area and was told this company has an "F" Rating. This was after a vice president called me several times and sent an email about all of the good things about this company. He informed me that his company had an "A+" Rating - Liar!

    Today, I am receiving call after call -about 30 calls today. I just don't answer my phone and will shut it off soon. This VP of Marketing that sent an email and called me was from a It is that pyramid scam of where you pay so much for attorneys fees upfront so that you have funds for legal fees when you need it. So how is "Replace Your Job" affiliated with and both not be a scam?
  • Thank you all so so much for all of the reviews that you have posted about this company, My Friend, my husband and I were all going to sign up and pay the $97.00 start up fee. It looks so real and I even called to make sure it was real, but something told me that it was a scam so before entering my card number I had to Google it just to make sure, and sure enough all of you just saved my friend, my husband, and I from wasting our money on this website. I hope that you all get your money back as soon as possible, someone should shut this "company" down before they get more people's hard earned money.

    good luck to you all and thanks again!!!
  • I find it interesting that the reviews start out in 2011 and then none until 2015. They must have pulled out for a period of time due to some factors and the name changed from Replace Your Day Job to Replace Your Job currently.
  • If it sounds too good to be true then...the old saying really holds true. I was really interested as I went through their ridiculously long presentation and it had a counter that reduced from 9 to 3 openings while I went through it to put the sense of urgency on me and I fell for it. I didn't feel good about it but went ahead and signed up without taking the time to check them out on here and the ripoff site which didn't have anything about them.

    I sent them an email and cancelled my membership and they got back with me to say they had cancelled my charges ($97 & $67). I am contacting my credit card company to tell them I am disputing these charges.

    Live and learn.
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