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Resources For is a website promoting its ability to help the average American get financial help from applying for government grants. A government grant is a monetary award that the government gives to people for a variety of reasons, depending on what the specific grant is meant for. Government grants can help you start your own business or even go back to school, and grants never need to be repaid.

Unlike similar sites promising to help citizens takes advantage of government grants, Resources For Americans requires no membership fee in exchange for their assistance.  However, that doesn’t mean that Resources For Americans free.

Though you don’t pay money to Resources For Americans for their Government Grant Kit, acts as a portal to try and get you to sign up for other programs you may eventually pay for, like degree programs at specific schools or bankruptcy lawyers, or for their other two websites, and

Though you may be up for learning more about these offers from their sponsors, the problem isn’t the sponsors themselves so much much as it is the way you’ll receive information from them.

In general these type of websites act as a portal to get your information and then send it to their sponsors in exchange for their sponsorship.  Unfortunately, this results in you being swamped with emails from these sponsors looking to snag your business.  In their Privacy Policy, you’ll see that Resources For Americans will give your information out to its sponsors, and in return if you wish to unsubscribe from these emails you’ll have to email each company individually.

Finally, if you ignore all the voluntary offers that will send you a kit explaining the grant system.  The truth is if you are looking for information on government grants, you’d be better off going directly to the source.  The federal government has a website for finding grants that you qualify for, and anyone can use it, completely free of charge.

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