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Rich Uncle’s, found online at, is a company who says their goal is to create a platform that makes real estate investment accessible for everyone who wants to get involved.

Traditionally speaking, real estate investment was thought to only be available to people who had large sums of investment capital that they could translate into large stakes in investment opportunities.

Rich Uncle’s has a goal of making this type of investment available to people with different levels of capital available, so this type of investment opportunity is no longer off limits to the general public.

How Does It Work?

The whole concept of Rich Uncle’s rests on something called a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, which is a corporation that takes capital from many different investors and uses it to buy and then operate income producing real estate.

In addition, REITs are exempt from taxes if certain standards can be met, including the distribution of at least 90% of the taxable income. REITs make this possible by generating and distributing this income to their shareholders in dividends.

Finally, this company does not pay commissions, instead choosing to use the internet for advertising and finding investors, which reduces their overhead and increases the percentage of returns they distribute to their members.

Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

This company is funding real estate investment opportunities through a specific type of a crowdfunding platform. They say that their potential investors can begin purchasing ownership in REITs with investments of just $500.

Using the crowdfunding platform to raise capital for real estate opportunities is becoming a popular new concept in real estate investing. It not only opens up real estate investing to people who only have small amounts of money to invest, but it is beneficial for the properties and owners themselves.

Crowdfunding often allows these properties to be funded easier and faster than going through the traditional routes of finding bank funding or investors with large amounts of capital who are interested in the opportunity.

So this type of real estate investment is growing in acceptability and popularity, and people who are interested in it can look at the opportunities available through Rich Uncle’s, or other companies that take a similar approach.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Rich Uncle's Reviews " is 2.1 out of 5 based on 104 reviews.
  • I invested 500.00 in this company. I don't know how to get my money out. I'm very frustrated. Beware, do not invest in this company.
  • This company is a fraud. The arrogance can be seen from the remarks they make however the fraud is apparent from the fact the brix reit is now worthless. Since I invested 3 years ago they have had SEC problems, lack of transparency, have never paid income as everything has been return of capital and of course never release an audited financial statement. I don't need a company to take my money and give it back to me in 6% increments like the ponzi scheme they are. Now I have received notice the shares are devalued to something like .32 cents per share. They'll probably form another entity to buy the properties from the reit at pennies on the dollar and make their millions at the expense of all of the investors. Rich Uncles blows.
  • so, bottomline- is RU legit or a scam????
  • I’ve been with RU for over two years now and get paid my 7% every quarter like clockwork. I was skeptical of course in the beginning but RU have been great. Haters going to hate. But I’m keeping my money with RU
  • Due to a high number of inaccurate reviews and accusations posted to this website by fraudulent accounts over the last few months, Rich Uncles will no longer respond to falsely posed complaints or grievances. For all genuine questions and concerns about our company or products, we look forward engaging in a timely manner through the appropriate channels of communication:

    - (855) Rich-Uncles

    - [email protected]


    If you have any specific questions or concerns, please reach out to our Investor Relations team via the channels above.

    - Rich Uncles
  • Hello all. I'm really considering investing with RU; but your comments are causing me great concern. I guess my question though is; if RU is so bad, how is it that they have such a high rating with the BBB? I'd like to read whatever comments you can offer on this. Thanks!
    • BBB is a joke, just like RU.
    • Sounds like a Unbalanced is just that “unbalanced”.... RU is a great way to invest in real estate, just as they say! FundRise is another that is great, they both have integrity and give us little guys an outlet to the bigger investment opportunities out there, above and beyond the standard “Market” way of making your funds grow. Whether you’re accredited or not, you can invest with their REIT style plans. As risky as most, if not less, than the Stock Market or the ETF world of investing, it’s an alternative, another way to see your money grow. Everything has its risk, and these guys do their best to minimalize that risk to the investors.... I’m one of those who invests in REITs and enjoy the income they bring me.
    • Russell Cox

      EVP of Operations Interstate Hotels and Resorts

      “My sister in law who works at Rich Uncles kept telling me about this investment opportunity and at first I was very skeptical, even telling her it sounded like a Ponzi scheme. Finally she forced me to checkout their web site and after seeing what I saw I decided to meet with the main principles. After meeting them and learning more about the company I have gone from being skeptical to enthusiastic. I have moved my IRA money from Raymond James, where the minor growth it was experiencing was being consumed by RJ's fees.”
    • Due to a high number of inaccurate reviews and accusations posted to this website by fraudulent accounts over the last few months, Rich Uncles will no longer respond to falsely posed complaints or grievances. For all genuine questions and concerns about our company or products, we look forward engaging in a timely manner through the appropriate channels of communication:

      – (855) Rich-Uncles

      [email protected]


      If you have any specific questions or concerns, please reach out to our Investor Relations team via the channels above.

      – Rich Uncles
    • The leaders of this company are the real issue, they've never run a business before and just try to complicate everything. They are just trying to hide the Scam, if they would just keep everything simple, they would not have lost so many great employees.
    • Lawsuits are of public record. I can't find any lawsuits with Rich Uncles as a defendant. Where have these lawsuits been filed?
    • Fraudulent ponzi that returns your own capital run by financial morons that abuse their employees. Numerous former employees suing them. Run as fast as you can and do not give them a penny or you will never see it again.
    • BBB isn't legitimate
    • BBB rating isn't a legitimate reflection of a business. It has been found to be corrupt in the past. Ask yourself one question: why do I need to invest in a non-traded REIT when there are so many on the open market?
  • I have been with them for a few years. Their services have been great and they pay me every quarter. It's a nice price of my portfolio.
    • They are paying you back with your own money. Sad.
    • As soon as the remaining lawsuits hit they will be bankrupt and your money will be tied up in court for years. Do not invest.
    • You obviously have no clue what you are investing in, then...those aren't "dividends", they are return of principal, which is generated from the depreciation of the properties. When the the depreciation is gone, so is your "dividend", plus, it all needs to be paid back when the properties are sold. It's like cutting chunks out of a pig and thinking that the pig is "producing" pork...once it's gone, it's gone and *poof*, so is your money.

    • What you're getting is a return of principal...they are paying you back with your own money. They are losing millions of dollars every year, they balance this out by depreciating the properties. This depreciation has to be paid back when the properties are sold.
    • i Agree. I get my dividends every quarter
  • I have been trying to analyze this opportunity for a while now as I have a significant amount to invest and 7% sounds great. However, the more I read and think about it, it seems that the "dividends" aren't dividends at all, just a return of investor's money. This doesn't sound right to me, particularly after watching the HBO movie about Bernie Madoff. I think I'll pass.
    • Cato = Catalina (Former employee fired for unethical behavior)

      All of these former employees bitching here cuz they were caught ripping off the company with their laziness and ineptness and then coming on here and posing as "investors" is kinda sad. I bet there is not a real investor on this site.

      The Rich Uncles Investment product is solid, If there was a scam issue here the SEC would have shut it down a months ago.....
    • You are very wise Carl
  • Why has the SEC waited so long to shut these crooks down?
    • Howard Makler has been a known thief and scoundrel in OC for decades. He hides behind his daddys money and cheats on his wife with underage chinese girls. Guaranteed prison unmate within a year. His former employees have all file complaints about his abusive actions.
    • Howard Makler is a fraudulent deceptive liar that has fucked over ever single employee of Rich Uncles. His former employees from Howies game shack told us the exact same thing. He is going to prison. Your money is not safe.
    • They are going to rot in prison for this ponzi scheme.
  • Recently looked at their audited financials. They are in the red by over a million dollars. What a scam! And half of what they say are lies. Ray West's is not the CEO for the CBRE group. Check their website.
    • They are a 100% SCAM. No profits and they fire every employee that speaks up about their illegal activities. Multiple employees just resigned due to the CA DOB AND SEC INVESTIGATION that will soon land the executives in jail. Run as far as you can.
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