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Rich Uncle’s, found online at, is a company who says their goal is to create a platform that makes real estate investment accessible for everyone who wants to get involved.

Traditionally speaking, real estate investment was thought to only be available to people who had large sums of investment capital that they could translate into large stakes in investment opportunities.

Rich Uncle’s has a goal of making this type of investment available to people with different levels of capital available, so this type of investment opportunity is no longer off limits to the general public.

How Does It Work?

The whole concept of Rich Uncle’s rests on something called a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, which is a corporation that takes capital from many different investors and uses it to buy and then operate income producing real estate.

In addition, REITs are exempt from taxes if certain standards can be met, including the distribution of at least 90% of the taxable income. REITs make this possible by generating and distributing this income to their shareholders in dividends.

Finally, this company does not pay commissions, instead choosing to use the internet for advertising and finding investors, which reduces their overhead and increases the percentage of returns they distribute to their members.

Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

This company is funding real estate investment opportunities through a specific type of a crowdfunding platform. They say that their potential investors can begin purchasing ownership in REITs with investments of just $500.

Using the crowdfunding platform to raise capital for real estate opportunities is becoming a popular new concept in real estate investing. It not only opens up real estate investing to people who only have small amounts of money to invest, but it is beneficial for the properties and owners themselves.

Crowdfunding often allows these properties to be funded easier and faster than going through the traditional routes of finding bank funding or investors with large amounts of capital who are interested in the opportunity.

So this type of real estate investment is growing in acceptability and popularity, and people who are interested in it can look at the opportunities available through Rich Uncle’s, or other companies that take a similar approach.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Rich Uncle's Reviews " is 2.1 out of 5 based on 104 reviews.
  • Recently looked at their audited financials. They are in the red by over a million dollars. What a scam! And half of what they say are lies. Ray West's is not the CEO for the CBRE group. Check their website.
    • They are a 100% SCAM. No profits and they fire every employee that speaks up about their illegal activities. Multiple employees just resigned due to the CA DOB AND SEC INVESTIGATION that will soon land the executives in jail. Run as far as you can.
  • Dear Rich Uncle,

    I am looking at your SEC quarterly report for 9/30/2016. Revenue was about $400,000 and expenses were about $1,290,000, per your own report that was filed with the SEC. The loss per share was ($10.44), per the report you filed with the SEC.

    Thank you so much for providing us novice investors with such a great opportunity.


    Poor Grandson
    • Pay no attention to the actual facts. You should only listen to tacky radio adds and the many sock puppets appearing on this site whenever Howard the Heeb posts.
  • I invested a little over $10,000 with them. They are so unorganized! They have so many computer glitches it's rediculous! My sales person sidesteps questions, and if you look at their audited financials you will see they are not making much money. Certainly not 7%. Perhaps it's because of their huge staff, or their multi million dollar offices. I've never even seen huge hedg funds with offices or a staff like that. When I tried to cash in my investment I had to wait. I was not happy. Find a publicly traded REIT.
  • Every time I call and ask questions I get some sales person that doesn't want to answer questions. They just sidestep. I'm not impressed. A lot of companies that have gone under do the same thing. Offer dividend then give out to much and fold. Run from these guys!
  • With all the negative reviews and questions concerning the ethics of

    RU, why would anyone "invest" here?. Go to Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard

    and others and invest in a true REIT where you can buy and sell on the same day if you want. No waiting for months to sell and receive your funds. And there is never a question as to the ethics of the major

    brokerage house in terms of the 1099 you receive. And in one post

    RU claims to have 5000 "investors" and $200 million under management.

    Check those numbers against the major brokerage firms and RU disappears into obscurity. And they state they have been in business for a total of three years...oh be still my heart. They are complete novices at what they do. Do not walk away, RUN as fast as you can from these

  • What a bunch of lies! A return of capital is not a dividend. You can play 3 card monte all you like but at the end of the day this gets the rich uncles richer and screws the little guy!
  • When you use shills who are talking heads on the sports talk radio...there has to be something wrong. If you want a REIT, try Vanguard, TRPrice, Fidelity or any other legitimate broker. These guys are thieves.
  • We wanted to take a moment to respond in this space regarding the comments about recent 1099s that have been issued. It still appears that many of these reviews are not coming from actual investors.

    We are happy to address any concern that any legitimate investors have regarding how the IRS addresses “Dividends earned” in person at our offices in Costa Mesa or over the phone with our Clent Relations Team @ 949 536 9226. If they are happy to explain the reporting process on 1099s and if you still have concerns connect you directly with our CFO, President or CEO as appropriate.

    In addition, we strongly suggest you consult a tax professional for your own perspective on what Rich Uncles is, in fact, distributing to its clients and reporting on your 1099 and how it is declared by the IRS.

    Rich Uncles has been in business for more than 3 years now, is approaching $200M in AUM with well over 5000 investors and has been in good standing with the SEC, BBB and our independent auditors Ernst & Young since inception.

    A further technical response regarding understand your 1099 is listed below:

    The Form 1099-DIV that you received from Rich Uncles NNN REIT showed both “Total ordinary dividends” and “Nondividend distributions”

    This is primarily due to property depreciation deductions. Current tax codes allow real estate owners to depreciate, or write off, the costs of a property’s improvements (i.e., the bricks and mortar, but not underlying ground) over a certain time frame. This is effectively a paper loss and is one of the benefits of owning commercial real estate.

    NNN REIT’s business model is to acquire properties in advance of selling REIT shares, using the REIT’s acquisition line of credit. As REIT shares are sold, the line of credit is correspondingly reduced. We use this strategy to ensure that the proceeds from REIT shares sold are immediately deployed into dividend yield-generating real estate ownership, and not deposited into an escrow account until enough shares are sold to purchase the next property.

    NNN REIT purchased its first properties in June of last year, utilizing the REIT’s line of credit. Depreciation deductions began to accrue then, prior to selling any REIT shares. The line of credit was also employed to purchase our Dollar General portfolio in November, and our Dana Inc. acquisition in December. The line of credit balance was reduced to $0 last week (repaid from the proceeds of REIT shares sold), but we are about to dip into the line again to purchase our next asset.

    A consequence of our buy-first, sell REIT shares-next strategy is that the REIT built up depreciation deductions in 2016 that fully “tax sheltered” the dividends that were paid to shareholders.

    These depreciation deductions have reduced your tax or “cost” basis in your REIT shares investment; and under current IRS codes, you will be taxed at capital gains rates on the difference between your ultimate sales price of your REIT shares and your cost basis.

    We trust that this clarifies any misunderstanding that you may have had. It is important to note that NO REIT share offering proceeds were used to pay dividends; all dividend were paid from property rental receipts.
    • You are so full of crap. Any "paper" depreciation at this time will subject the holder to hell of a liability when the underlying properties are sold or disposed of. You are liar and a crook. And amazing how 3 other "5 star" reviews showed up within hours of your posting.

      I can't wait to see you in prison where your anus will be turned into cole slaw.
  • Not sure what everyone is so upset about. If you speak to your accountant they will be able to explain how the 1099 is read. I've received mine from them, and everything checks out.
  • I'm not sure where all these comments are coming from, I've been an investor since October and live this investment...Dividend have been exactly as expected and my accountant explained the 1099 to me just as described by customer service....I'm moving some dollars from my 401k next
    • LOL, is that you under the skirt, howard? One of your sock puppets that all mysteriously sprang up within minutes of your post??
    • Don't want to sell my shares, I like the returns and am looking to invest more...

      Mr/Mrs "Get out" - I'm not sure what your motivation is in writing the posts on this site - the foul language you are using reflects your true character like a mirror, also makes me think your comments lack merit.

      I am very happy with this investment and hate to see this type of bashing - if you are really a serious investor you have a very immature approach to sharing your feelings ...if you are not then you are just sad...

      Cant figure out your motivation here....
    • wow, since October!

      Try to sell your shares marina.
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