Rippln Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Rippln, found online at, describes themselves as “the most important game of your life,” and gives their members a way to earn money through “innovative” platform sharing technology.

According to their website, you can earn money in two different ways through the Rippln app. First, they provide you with a multi-level marketing opportunity, but they also give you an affiliate marketing opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a “Rippln Player,” you can sign up initially as a free member, with the option of upgrading later on to one of their more sophisticated paid memberships.

The Opportunities

As a multi level marketing, or network marketing, opportunity you can earn money whenever you bring someone new to the Rippln app. Their website says that you can earn $20 for every five people you add to the network, as well as earning money whenever you share the platform or get someone new to install the app.

If you are interested in more specific details regarding the compensation matrix, you can find information on their website.

As for their affiliate marketing opportunity, the website says that they can provide people who work as affiliates with an audience with whom they can share their products, as well as built in marketing tools to help promote their products.

The Details

Unfortunately Rippln hasn’t been around that long, so there isn’t any real conclusive information regarding their success or difficulties. When they were in their beta testing phase, members were required to sign non-disclosure agreements, or an NDA, which has added to some of the limitations on information.

Rippln Fans can be any age, as long as Fans under 16 have their parents’ consent to join the network, but Rippln Players must be over 16 years old.

You can become an affiliate for free, but both compensation and bonus rewards are increased once you upgrade your membership to either the paid Domestic or Global status.

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