Rocket Cash Cycler Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Rocket Cash Cycler, found online at, is a new independent business opportunity which claims to give people the ability to earn money from home quickly and effectively.

This program is promoted as a multi level marketing program, or MLM program, which means that users have two separate ways of earning money. The first is to sell products, and the second is to recruit new members to become Rocket Cash Cycler representatives.

RCC also says that they provide their members with the best ability to earn large paychecks, because all the products they represent are worth more than $2000. To get started with this program, new members will have to pay $315.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, once you get signed up you will immediately have access to three different resources. The first is their Skyskraper, which will provide you with “a massive Skype contact list.”

The second is xSky, an organizational and relationship tool that will help you reach out to the people on this contact list, and finally the Success Library, which will provide you with first class educational materials.

Using these resources, you are encouraged to get as many people to sign up for this program under you by using your referral link as possible. You can only get paid once you have signed up two additional paid members.

The Problems

The most significant problem with Rocket Cash Cycle is that it is likely a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a money earning opportunity that promotes itself as an MLM, but the reality is that most if not all of the money being paid out is from the investments of new members. A pyramid scheme is not sustainable, and will eventually collapse with many people losing their money.

RCC may be such a scheme, because their entire system is based on recruiting new members to invest their money. Unless you convince two new people to invest, you can neither earn money, nor is there any indication you can get a refund of your money.

In general, the best MLM opportunities are those that have strong, in demand products so that representatives genuinely have the ability to earn money from both sales and recruiting – think of well established companies like Mary Kay.

Those interested in investing in this program anyway should be prepared for potentially losing their money – never invest money you are unable to lose comfortably.

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