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SavvyConnect is a new part of the well known survey site, SurveySavvy, which promises to help people be able to easily supplement their income from home by working with reputable market research companies.

SurveySavvy was established back in 1999 to connect their members with online market research companies who are willing to pay cash for your opinion. This company also allows people to earn money by referring new members to their service.

According to their website, you can either post a public link on your social media sites, or you can send private invitations via email. Any time one of your direct referrals – or the referrals they also direct – completes a survey, you will receive an incentive.

But they didn’t stop there. Instead, in the year 2009, they decided to launch an application of their site which would expand their market research capabilities even further.

The New Application

This new app, SavvyConnect, is a specific type of software that you download and install onto your computer. Once it is installed, it monitors your search behavior online and reports this information to their partner research companies.

Companies are extremely interested in people’s online behavior; how they search topics, follow links, whether or not they click ads – all of these behaviors can help companies understand how to better do business online.

Downloading and installing this software is completely free, and SavvySurvey promises that you can request a payout once your account has reached as little as one dollar. The payout will be sent directly to you.

What to Know

This company promises that SavvyConnect does recognize both the Private Browse and Incognito Modes of major internet browsers and will not transmit your information when those particular modes have been activated.

Many people are hesitant to install new software onto their computer, especially those that track your activity, because of the threat of spyware. Spyware, or malware, is the type of software which records and then can access your personal information, such as bank account information.

SavvyConnect promises that their software poses no threat to their members, and that if you have any issues or complaints about it once you have begun using it, you can go to their website to find directions to uninstall the software.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " SavvyConnect " is 2.21 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • Hello.... I'm not sure if SavvyConnect is legit. But, I installed it yesterday, and (thank you Google Alerts) all of a sudden started accumulating cookies, never before seen with a Russian connection. And, cookies were also added for my online banking, that never happened before. Since that was the only change I'd made, I have to assume a connection and immediately uninstalled the ap.
  • Cant say much about the surveys or money part of the app but I did install it and upon doing so it required you lock your screen with a pattern. After doing so it is impossible to undo without reformating to new.
  • I have been a member of Survey Savvy for several years and have gotten a lot of surveys and product test opportunities and have gotten paid for them. I have had the Savvy Connect App installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 for a year or so, and haven't really noticed any problems with it.

    Today I noticed that it also works with Kindle Fire, so I installed it. I had to change the setting to allow it to install since it was a non App store program. Now I can't use some of the programs that I have on my Kindle. I can't use Yahtzee (it says cannot load game and other error messages) and other things are not loading right. I don't know if uninstalling the app will be enough to fix the issue, or if I will have to do a device reset. I am very upset about this..for the promise of an extra $5 a month on my Savvy Connect account I have apparently caused many problems with my Kindle. My advice is not to install it if you have a Kindle Fire.
  • I have had the app on my Smartphone for four months and while I don't think my phone has been noticeably slowed down I still have received many emails telling me that they have not received any information from their app even though as far as I can tell the app is connected.

    I also have not received any follow up surveys.

    I have not been paid one cent and when I ask why I get no response. I am seriously considering deleting the app if things don't change.

    I think that either Saavy Connect is a scam or that their program is so badly designed and run that it might as well be a scam.

    In short, run far away from this as fast as you can!!!!
  • i just join this survey site to earn some extra cash on the side, but i havent seen no surveys as of yet. is this legit survey company still up and running or what. how long does it take for surveys to show up from this company. and i think they should pay more instead of a 1-2 dollar for the survey.
  • Slowed my Ipod to a crawl, installed root certificates, I had to reset my entire Ipod because of this invasive and resource-intensive app. Stay away from this app unless you want all kinds of problems on your device.
  • Un-installed it, it's a resource hog and Im not sure if it contains any spyware or malware, but didnt want to take a chace of an infection. Also, the reviews I've read about were all negative so not worth installing!!
  • I also participated in the Savvy Connect program and was highly disappointed. I had three devices connected and even though they all showed the program was connected, I constantly got emails saying my devices were disabled. I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls, but no emails were ever returned and calls always went to voice mail, with no calls ever returned. Furthermore, as part of the requirements, I was expected to complete three special surveys. I was only sent one. Once again, calls and emails went unanswered. I finally was able to talk with someone (not the person who was supposed to be my contact) and was told that the reason my devices were showing they were disabled was because there were updates that needed to be applied. By this time, the end date for the program had just passed. If someone had returned just one email or phone call, this info could have been relayed weeks ago and I would have updated the app. As to the missing surveys, I was told this was a problem that many people had reported to them. So bottom line, even though the person I spoke with said I was not necessarily not going to get paid, I will be shocked if I do since in their eyes I did not fulfill the requirements. I will not participate again. It was a horrible three months. The app drained my phone battery. If I went to bed with a fully charged phone not on the charger, I would wake up with a completely dead phone. It made my laptop and ipad very slow, often freezing up. Since no one would contact me, I could receive no tech support. I feel like this was a sneaky way to get the info they wanted without ever having to pay, since they can now claim I did not fulfill the requirements.
  • I tried savvyconnect,but their program that I downloaded made my computer run so slow and they have you use google chrome as your browser which in turn I couldn't use my wiki.That made me really mad.I use explorer,msn, and bing as my browsers and now that I got rid of their program,my computer works great.Now some are going to say why did you not just switch back,i tried and a warning came on telling me I couldn't,that google has to my browser when using their program.Well their gone!!GoodBye Savvyconnect and Good Ridens!!!
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