Screenwise Trends Panel Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Screenwise Trends Panel, found online at, is a company which uses the principles of standard market research to gather information for well known tech giant Google.

In exchange for the time and effort you put into the Screenwise Trends Panel, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of gift certificates from major retailers like Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Zappos, and more.

Signing up for Screenwise Trends Panel is completely free. You must be 13 years old, have a Google account, be able to use the Google Chrome browser, and have a qualifying smart phone or tablet.

How It Works

According to their website, Google needs to learn more about how people use the internet, especially on their mobile devices, so they can improve their products and services, and create a better online experience for everyone.

What you need to do to provide them with the information they need is to download a browser extension on your computer, and what they call a “mobile meter” on your smart phone and/or tablet device.

These extensions and meters will track the information that Google is looking for, like what times of day people browse, how long they stay on websites or use applications, and what types of sites and apps are popular, and which are not, and provide that info to the company.

What To Know

Their panel management partner, uSamp, will give you up to $8 in rewards just for signing up and installing the meters on your various devices. Then they will provide you with up to $2 in rewards each week afterward that you maintain your work with them.

Many people that these types of research – using applications to record your online movements – will invade your privacy and record information you do not want them to have. In response to this, Screenwise promises that whenever you use the Google Chrome Incognito page none of your information will be recorded.

If you want to participate with this company but do not have an active Google account or use the Chrome browser, Screenwise will help you set up those things for free. And if you are not sure if you have qualifying mobile devices, you can simply answer a free questions on their website and find out instantly.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Screenwise Trends Panel " is 3.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • I love this app! I have redeemed $275 worth of gift cards since I began using the app.

    I am extremely happy that they now gift instant e-gift cards! I used my e-gift card for $25 within 3 minutes of choosing it.
  • I received an invite in the mail with $5 cash inside. I logged on and proceeded to register, but when I put in that I was white, it instantly told me I was no who they were looking for. I should add that the initial question was in Spanish.
  • I really have a general question can I use my chromebook with this my current laptop is old and dying fast I am looking to buy CB but would like to know if I use it with screenwise. Anyone know.
  • I've been participating in this program for roughly 9 months, and in that time I have redeemed $50 PayPal credit twice, and I will soon be cashing out another $50. The participant side of the redemption process itself doesn't take long, but it does take between 4-6 weeks for the funds to be applied to my PayPal account. I'm very happy with the program - I do wish that they would pay out faster, but I can't complain considering how this is pretty much effortless earning on my part. Folks just need to be patient!
  • Im over 7 weeks out waiting for a reward. It seems they have stopped paying.
    • I got the reward redeemed on 11/17/2015 however I haven't got the reward redeemed on 02/07/2016 yet, which was 2 months ago.
  • I am very disappointed with screenwise ... I understand you have to have a desktop computer is mandatory .. But my desktop is no longer working .. I have had my phone and tablet on and I reached 59.00 and I can't even receive that because my desktop . . is not available ... Very disappointed and there customer service showed no sympathy ... I am very disappointed .. And I will tell all my friend not to join
  • screenwisetrends is not a scam but, it does take them forever to give you an Amazon GC.
    • I don't know if it is or isn't a scam but I've been waiting for roughly 4-5 weeks and I still haven't received my TWO $50 Amazon GC's. I'm sure it shouldn't take THAT long for something virtual. I'm a member of Bing Rewards and if I redeem points for something, I receive an email usually within moments of redeeming. I'm not sure whether to keep trusting Screenwise or what but as of now, it is all a grey, mysterious thing to me.
    • Yes, they are "very slow" on the rewards redemptions! 4-6 weeks, why?
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