Shoe Money Home System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

ShoeMoney SystemThe ShoeMoney System, by Jeremy Shoemaker, has been around for about a year now with mixed reviews.  The ShoeMoney System is a video training system for all things internet marketing.  Shoemaker takes you from the very beginning of your journey marking money online, all the way through to the “little tips and tricks” that he has learned over the years that have really made him money.

On the homepage for the ShoeMoney System, found at or among others, you’ll see that when you sign up for the program, you become eligible for $2,500 in advertising coupons with social media networks like Facebook and search engines likes Google.  Unfortunately, customers report that after they signed up they discovered these coupons were only available for the first 500 customers, which has long since passed, so you aren’t likely to receive them.

Overall, the positive reviews regarding the ShoeMoney System tend to be from people who are complete and total beginners in internet marketing.  The video training sessions are clear and understandable, and start at the absolute beginning, explaining each and every aspect of what internet marketing is, how to begin working in this industry, and how to advance as you go along.

So Why the Mixed Reviews for ShoeMoney System?

While this all sounds wonderful, there is a problem which many of the negative reviews mention.  The ShoeMoney System does not give you access to all videos at once.  Instead of getting access to one video after you’ve completed the previous videos, the videos are released over time, and on a schedule that ShoeMoney makes, not you.

This is incredibly frustrating for people who have a basic understanding of what internet marketing is, but aren’t sure how to go about working successfully in the field.  Members have complained that the training “goes at a snail’s pace” and there is no way to speed it up.

This would be a minor problem except for the issue of monthly payments.  What monthly payments you ask?  Well, I can see why you would ask that question, as the ShoeMoney System payment page only mentions a one time payment of $97.

However, if you look at the Terms & Conditions page (and you always should) you’ll see that when you sign up you agree to monthly payments, which members report are $197 a month.  With that kind of significant monthly payment, the ShoeMoney System slowly releasing training videos does become a problem.  What if you don’t get to the information that you need until month 5?  Then you’ve already spent almost $700 getting information you didn’t need.

And, in case you were wondering, the Terms & Conditions also lay out that there are “no refunds” and “absolutely no exceptions” to this policy.  You can cancel at any time, but you must make sure to click on the specific cancellation link available once you sign in to your account.  Telephone calls and emails will not be considered valid means of cancellation and you will continue to be billed.

So, if you have zero understanding or knowledge of internet marketing and roughly $2,400 a year to invest in a training program, the information available in the ShoeMoney System might be worth it to you.  But if you don’t have that kind of money to invest, or you already have working knowledge of internet marketing and aren’t interested in waiting to get new and relevant information, then you might want to look elsewhere for training programs.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Good, I started to learn how to make blog with shoemoney, I won $ 10 in Paypal, and hope to win more and more.
  • Any website you build, you will pay for hosting. You think Google or Yahoo or Bing became multi-billion dollar companies by doing this for free? NO! If you actually thought you could make money with out spending a penny, then the joke is on you.... Do you think when Ray Kroc started McDonalds, he did it with out investing a penny? Look at McDonalds now! Or Wal-Mart... Sam Walton did this for free? Or here you go... Jeff Bezos, Amazon was started with out a red cent? Please people, if you want to stay in the 9-5 rat race, feel free. Otherwise, invest the 40 or 50 bucks, invest your time not in Shoemoney but in YOUR future. If you do, you might be surprised that you do make money. Jeremy NEVER once in ANY video, post or otherwise said you would make money or become rich overnight. If that is what you looking for, go invest your money in the lottery.
  • You scam people, many who do not have an income. God sees you son of satan. For those who lost remember god will avenge on your behalf.

    Shoemoney you will lose sevenfold of what you have robbed of people's money.

    You will go bankrupt seven x seven times according to scripture for those whos prayers has gone up to god.
  • How do I cancel? There is no where in the site to do this. Tried emailing and calling.
  • My rating for Shoe Money Network. It doesn't even deserve 1 star!
  • ShoeMoney Network seemed like something I could do and it's supposedely free. It was free to join and Jeremy Shoemaker clearly states that anyone who joins will have no out of pocket costs because he walks you through everything. He actually does do that but, you have to pay for a domain name and hosting. This was not stated until you start the training videos. I was not pleased with this. If I could afford hosting, I wouldn't be doing tasks for him to get paid, by the way, he doesn't pay for any of the tasks you complete. He only pays you for the very first one you do. I have sent them 3 support tickets. The "staff" told me they paid me for all my tasks and I should check my paypal. I did that, only $1.00 was paid to me. Do not join It's just another scam to get your money and make them richer, if they really are rich. Stay away from Shoe Money Network! Trust me, I learned my lesson the hard way. If you join, you will be making a big mistake!
    • Thank you very much for the info Tina, I was registered my account but was not active for long time. I am suppose to try this time, but thanks that i am dropping by here. Your information really help for others especially for me.

      Thanks a lot!
  • ATTENTION IDIOTS this is a review/response from the owner Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney! I found this in the website- Schoemony admitted that he schemes people out of money & he needs to be stopped bc he is a fraudulent thief!!! Send this to everyone you know!!


    Jeremy Shoemaker says:

    December 31st, 2015 at 12:29 am

    I do this on purpose to get money out of people so please pay me more to pay youit’s win win model.

  • I got the $1
  • They didn't even pay me that 1€ that they said they will. And then they require me to buy memberships... it's a scam.
  • it is a scam...
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