Is Shop At Home Legit or a Scam?

Shop At is another website offering coupons and discounts to customers who shop at their website instead of directly at the store.  Shop At Home claims to link its customers to over 3,000 different retailers and over 700 different magazines and e-newsletters.

In addition to offering coupons and special deals, Shop At Home has a Cash Back rebate program where they allow you to earn up to 35% of the money you have spent shopping on their site in a rebate check.  You may get a rebate check up to 12 times in one year, though you must wait until you have accrued at least $20.00 in your Cash Back account before you can request a check to be mailed to you.

While many customers seem satisfied with the number of retailers linked to and the various coupons and discounts they provide, there are some complaints about worth mentioning.

First, people have claimed that they have difficulties receiving the rebate checks once they’ve requested them.  One customer commented that he requested a check when he had reached $28, but he never received the check and his account continued to grow with each new order.  But once his account reached $35, suddenly the balance dropped to $0 and he never received a check.  After multiple calls to Shop At Home, this issue still hadn’t been resolved.

Another customer complained that after trying multiple times to order a product online and being told her card was declined, she called customer service and the service rep told her it was a website malfunction and he would place the order over the phone.  A week later, her card was charged over $2,000 for her repeated attempts to order the product online.

When she called Shop At Home customer service, she was told that it was her responsibility to cancel each individual online order, even though she had originally been told that her card was not accepted, therefore no order was made.  When she asked why the customer service rep who placed her order never explained that to her, she was told that the rep wouldn’t give that information unless “specifically asked.”

In general, it seems that Shop At Home’s biggest problem is its customer service department.  Customers generally report good satisfaction with their stores and discounts, but when they do have a problem and must deal with customer service, that’s when the problems begin.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • my first payout on 06/30/2011 in the amount of 85usd..been 10days now no sight of the 85usd check anyway..i wrote 2 emails to customer services and still have not got any the point i do believe they just scammed me out 85usd. to make matter worse i still had 160usd remaining balance :(:(..any suggestion how to get my money back pls help
  • I found buy one get one free museum coupons. When I try to purchase I end up at ticket master wanting the full price. I wrote customer service and I got a non-answer. I won't be back at shop at home.
  • they do not reply to my emails
  • All I wanted were grocery store cupons, specifically Lean Cuisine. The website claimed to have 6 separate cupons. I had to download a toolbar, then it requested that I download a "cupon printing software" as well. After looking at the cupons, they were all site-switchers to other cupon sites, or to the Lean Cuisine site (which has no frigging cupons, I already knew that). This site is just gathering our info to sell I bet.

    I use and love them for online shopping; I just want to download grocery store cupons.
    • at Lindsey (the shop at home rep), why does not being able to spell coupon make them unable to be scammed and leave a valid negative review? are they getting too close to the truth?
    • If you can't even spell the word "coupon" right then you have no business leaving a negative review for a company.
  • For a very good rebate / rewards program try erewards
  • I had the exact same issue. Once my account reached $35, suddenly the balance dropped to $0 and he never received a check.


  • I made all of my purchases through shop at home this past christmas and it never fails, the big purchases are always denied for rebates. I had 3 purchases that totaled over $500.00 and I was told that they contaced the merchants and that I did not use the site for the purchases. Now why would I use the site for all the other purches even the ones that did not give rebates back for and not the 3 with the most totals?? I used the toolbar faithfully and double checked to make sure I was in the site.

    They play these games and offer no resolutions so I am just warning people to be careful, you may not get the rebates you were looking for and will get only an email that tells you you did not use the site. It is a disgrace the trouble you have to go through to file a claim for each purchase with the amount and tracking number for the purchases that you did not get credit for and and each claim is put on a different form. It is nothing more than a waste of time.
    • I agree. I had a similar experience. I would not trust Shopathome with big purchases. They will eat the cashback and tell you you did not follow guidelines. I was denied cashback in a large amount because they claimed I had reached the lifetime max for cashback at the retailer that I purchased from. They didn't even bother checking my account history to see how much cashback they had paid me from that retailer. It was $0. So they are totally unjustified in saying that I have reached the lifetime max (which happens to be $1000 for this retailer).

      And also, every time I make a large purchase, I have never seen it post automatically. I have had to file a request and only then it sometimes gets credited and at other times get denied with some vague reason.
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