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Shop For Profit is a new website that advocates the mystery shopper job opportunity.  Claire Davenport, the spokeswoman for Shop For Profit Jobs, tells the story of how mystery shopping saved her from declaring bankruptcy, and how you too can be saved from your money woes by making over a thousand dollars a week with hardly 10 hours of work.

Mystery shopping is an interesting job opportunity.  People think that it’s fake, because it sounds too good to be true.  Go out and shop, write a report about your shopping experience, turn it into someone, and get paid for it?  In addition, you receive free goods and services while you’re “working”?  It definitely sounds too good, but the truth is that mystery shopping is a legit job, though one that traditionally doesn’t pay as well as claims.

Shop For Profit Jobs, however, claims that their mystery shopping opportunity takes place entirely online.  You look at products online, then you post reviews of them.  For each review you post, you earn an average of $5.  Assuming you post multiple reviews in one hour, you could be earning $77 an hour.  That is definitely a tough opportunity to pass up.

And if you’re interested in signing up with Shop For Profit Jobs, all it takes is a one time fee of $197, for all the training and guidance necessary for you to make up to $144,000 a year mystery shopping with

So is Shop For Profit Job a Scam?

Yes.  Sorry.  I know it sounded great (many online scams do) but this is definitely not worth your time and certainly not your money.

First of all, Shop For Profit Jobs is NOT mystery shopping.  Mystery shopping, as mentioned above, is a legitimate business where you actually report on a company’s customer service, cleanliness, employee helpfulness, and other store policies as you’ve been informed on.  Shop For Profit Jobs says you never have to leave your house, and that you simply have to “post reviews online.”

By “post reviews online” they actually mean post ads online.  Yup.  This is another one of the ad posting scams that swept the internet like wildfire in 2009 and apparently is trying to make a comeback at the end of 2010.

Buried within the very long sales page, you’ll find this information, “You can start writing posts immediately, and if someone likes what you post and makes a purchase you will make a profit.”  This means you are writing ads with the intention of selling items, and this has nothing to do with mystery shopping.

The ad posting scam is old and tired.  The truth is that you have to pay to post ads, and you have to pay when someone clicks on an ad, and you only get paid when someone purchases something because of your ad.  You are likely to be out a lot of money before you start making money.

The truth is they are charging you $197 to teach you how to use ad programs that you can learn to use online for free, and marketing it as a legitimate job that it clearly isn’t.  I would stay away from Shop For Profit Jobs.

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