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Shopaholics have the opportunity to do what they love the most and get paid for doing it. Evaluating new products on the market, completing mystery shopping assignments, and participating in evaluations are all offered through Becoming a member is easy to do and it is free to join. posts new openings daily, but the jobs are not always offered in your area. To increase your chances of finding a mystery shopping job you need to check the site for new postings as often as you can and apply for them as soon as they become available.

Since ShoppingJobs is a third party agency you are considered a contractor for them. They post jobs for employers who are hiring mystery shoppers so they direct you to the employers’ websites to apply. Each employer has their own set of requirements for the mystery shoppers they select. Some of them may not require any experience while others may only choose applicants who have a lot of experience.

As a member of, you also have access to an unlimited number of evaluations and can complete as many as you want to. Each one takes approximately 2-15 minutes to finish. If the evaluation you submit does not meet their standards, you are not likely to get paid for it.

Many of the evaluations require you to test a product; to obtain the item you are often prompted to sign up for a free-trial. Some of the companies may even ask you to pay shipping charges which means you will need to provide payment information to them. After the trial period is over you may also be charged for the product you received.

Payments for successfully completely jobs and evaluations are made through PayPal and are posted on the 1st and 15th of every month. A minimum earning threshold of $50.00 must be met before you may access the funds. Some of the companies may not approve payments for up to eight weeks which means getting paid for your work is likely to take much longer than one may expect. There is no guarantee you will be paid for the jobs or evaluations you complete.

Members have claimed that their accounts were cancelled as they approached ShoppingJobs minimum threshold of $50.00. The company claims that the accounts are fraudulent and so they are able to avoid paying their contractors and keep the money for themselves

A few things to remember regarding any “paid shopping site” is that you are never guaranteed to make any money; it shouldn’t be used as a primary source of income. Also, you should not have to pay for shipping costs or products; if payment is required to complete any shopping jobs, this is a red flag.

Research every company that provides mystery shopping jobs prior to signing up for any of their assignments. It is important to find a reputable company that will not take advantage of your time and effort.

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Average Rating for " is legit " is 1.8 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • I see that I have been paid 50 dollars, which I earned, but I never received it.
  • Don't go to this site because it's a scam. I have over $200 in credits and they won't give it to me, it says I only have $3.00 when I don't and customer service plays dumb and acts like you didn't complete their tasks therecorrect way when I have but still nothing but $3.00 shows up smh
  • I have over $400 in and they won't pay me they paid me $50 and that's it .they told me I have to prove it, how the hell do I do that and that is not my job.I got a payday loan threw them and they still won't pay. So to everyone don't waste your time.
  • Hi All. As owner of the Legitimate Online Job Directory (google my website), I would also like to hear about everyone's experiences with this company. really isn't a mystery shopping company. Instead, it's like project payday and cash crate where the website makes affiliate money every time their subscribers submit a fake application for life insurance etc. I don't like these types of companies at all because most of them have you pay for an offer in order to get credit. Then, when you cancel the offer, the company is on to you and they take away the affiliate payment and, in turn, the company takes your payment away.

    I am testing this company myself just to see if they actually pay when you reach the $50 threshold. I didn't have any problems receiving credit for my "shops" but lets see if they actually pay. I'll let you know.

    I've been mystery shopping for years and make around $150 in cash and merchandise every week doing 2-3 short mystery shops. Never ever pay to find mystery shopping jobs. All the legitimate mystery shopping companies list their jobs for free through the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Google them, go to their site and you can do a search by zip code for jobs in your area. The jobs have links to the applications. All the jobs I have ever obtained through this organization have been 100% legit. I hope this helps!
    • Thank you for your comment. I've tried to get a legitimate job. The last one asked for twenty seven dollars for training. That was money burned.
    • I checked this out and it looks like there is a $20 membership fee. Is that legit?
  • Well it took me a while but I am at the $50.00 payout just trying to find out where do I submit it. I just want my money and then I am gone. This website is horrible and customer service is even worse It took over a month to get credit for one evaluation. I do not recommend it stay away.
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