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Signature Surveys, at, is a new online market research site which claims its users can earn “hundreds or thousands more a month just working a few hours a week.”

When you sign up with Signature Surveys, you will be given a $5 activation bonus and a $20 bonus opportunity immediately, so that everyone has a chance to earn some money as soon as possible.

Registering with Signature Surveys is free, and only requires your name and email address. Since all surveys will be emailed to you, it is important to provide a real email address.

Warning Signs

Anyone who was worked online with market research companies before knows that companies who promise large earnings – such as the possibility of “thousands” of dollars a month – is misleading their members.

Online market research is a legitimate earning opportunity, and is one of the most popular ways for people to earn extra money, though it is widely recognized that your earnings will not replace a daily salary.

In addition, when you sign up with SignatureSurveys, you agree to let them email you messages and advertisements from their partner companies. If at any time you decide to unsubscribe from these emails, your account will be canceled and any money you have earned at that point will be forfeited.

The Bottom Line

Once you register with Signature Surveys, you will be taken to another page and given the option to sign up with a wide variety of other survey companies, including, NPD Online, Only Cash Surveys, and YouGov, amongst many others.

These are the companies that will provide you with the surveys you will take. Signature Surveys is a just a hub where you can sign up for multiple other survey sites. However, they also require that you allow them to send you advertisements, otherwise you membership will be canceled.

This gives you two options: either create an email account simply for the advertisements and surveys and use that to sign up at SignatureSurveys, or go to the actual market research websites and sign up for those individually.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Signature Surveys " is 1.89 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • someone gave my e-mail adress to them please unsuscribe
  • You never get the products promised
  • I wish I had NEVER EVER SEEN THIS!!!!!!#
  • Hello and good morning. I've been doing surveys everyday for a while now, the only problem is I haven't received not one cent from any of the surveys so I was wondering how and when do I start receiving the money I've already made?
  • SCAM!!! as far as i'm concerned.

    Question, how do i delete my information from them? Anyone have an idea? Thankyou
  • Well I’m going to really give y’all a good try.. having a kid that is disabled is hard when your a single parent.. trying to save up to get computer.krys towns I rate you a 4 because u look like the real thing
    • They're not as far as i'm concerned. Once you give name, email address you ened up with all other bs, waste of time. Survey's never came up, just trying to sell you crap you don't and questions are never ending. Want good survey's? Go through google or google play.

      I went through my gmail acc. And NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
  • They get what they want and dont cash out... flat out nobody's real you should stop with this bull whole government involved
  • Only one I do is inbox dollers I've been doing for awhile now do get paid not a scam thank God Teresa

    • Thank you. I hope you're still liking it. Do you get alot of calls. Constantly. How many per day thank you very much
  • I was curious about this.....unfortunately yes it's a scam they junk up your email from get rich scams to more junk mail from other survey sites whether you signed up with them or not on top of that they will offer you $50 gift cards and give you the run around. Most of their spam mail contains viruses and malware so do tread carefully.
    • ty Stephanie. I am disabled & just recently got diagnosed with Leukemia on top of already being disabled. I thought this was a great idea, but as the saying goes: "if it looks like a duck" "talks like a duck" then its a duck. I worked in the legal field for 16+ years so I don't take to scammers...again, ty for this review. It made my decision.

  • Scam. Someone signed up using a little used email of mine and now my inbox is deluged with garbage on an email address that was always 'clean'.
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