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Is Ken Silver Legit or a Scam?

Silver LottoKen Silver’s Silver Lotto System has been around for a few years now, though it used to be called Honest Lotto.  Silver promises that he can raise your chances of winning the Lotto up to 98% for each time you play, and for a monetary investment of only a couple dollars a week.

The Silver Lotto System is sold for $39.95, unless you try to navigate away from the page, and then you will be offered the Silver Lotto System for $29.95.  For this price, you are supposed to receive an eBook in the next 48 hours giving you the details on this “guaranteed” system.  You also be signed up for the Lotto 80 membership for an additional $19 a month.

The Silver Lotto System is a lottery wheel system, which is not a new invention, and which was not created by Ken Silver.  The wheel system is a method of choosing and arranging lottery numbers in order to have a better chance at winning prizes.  Wheel systems target the smaller second and third tier prizes, so don’t think that the Silver Lotto system will snag you a Jackpot.

So is Silver Lotto a Scam?

In a word, yes. You will find lots of reviews and testimonies saying otherwise on the internet, but that’s mostly because Ken Silver has created many affiliates over the years who realized early on that – like Ken Silver himself – you just make much more money selling Ken’s lotto system than using it.

Many customers report never receiving their eBook after paying for it.  Customers who do receive the eBook and follow the wheel system report investing significant amounts of money into the lotto and receiving very little money back from it.  If you email Ken Silver in regards to his personal money back guarantee, customers report that they get no response whatsoever, much less any info on getting their refund.

The Winners’ Circle, an optional monthly investment club, is the most dangerous aspect of the Silver Lotto system.  Ken Silver organizes a group of people to invest amounts of money into a larger wheel system that is meant to go after the Jackpot lotto prizes. People have invested thousands of dollars into the Winners’ Circle and have never seen one single dollar returned to them.

And when they ask Ken Silver to see evidence of the lotto tickets that he is apparently buying with their money, Silver says this isn’t possible because he needs to protect his system.  Don’t risk it – stay away from

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Ken Silver if that is even his real name has been involved in scamming people years back. He was investigated by a person who he ripped off and found that everything about this guy was fake. He sold e-books through a fake company called ken silver publishing which did not exist, he shows fake lottery tickets and real ones, but the real ones are very small winnings that anyone can get now and then. Every legit review sites warns you to stay clear of this guy, never give him your credit card info. Even click bank booted him out as there were tons of complaints against him. He is very shady, he is not a lottery expert and his system by the way is nothing special, there are much better legit systems for half what he charges.
  • Try using astrology... Google lucky days and give the free report a go.
  • 5 months after buying the system I won $230K. And the same set of numbers have won $555 and smaller amounts since. I don't believe this is a scam. Proof is in my checking account!!!
  • I have not got any of the silver system to play the lotto [email protected]
  • There is nothing wrong with Ken Silver system from the other comment I just wrote. This system to me is to help you get and Idea in how to win the lottery and hit the Jack-Pot. Which I had encounter when I first brought his system. Yes, I actually hit the Jack-Pot but dumb me did not send the ticket in. I am crying now. But thanks to Ken I will hit again. Just follow his system. I will will get rich.
  • Hi I'm Ken,

    If your a dumb ass and are too stupid to realize this is a scam. Please send your money to me. I will guarantee you won't be rich. But I will guarantee people like you will make me filthy rich. ever heard of the term, "there's a sucker born every minute."

    Yes! that's right it's you.
  • Tried this Ken Silver system it really sucks, all he does is mislead you get your money and then to bad for you! Check out the review sites all the reputable review sites warn you to stay clear of this seller and his silver lotto system. Also all good review on the system are lies! All written by Ken Silver or affiliates selling the bogus system.
  • If the guy can give you tips to win lottery, he must be very rich so why does he have to charge for a book or subscription.. He don’t take his own advise to win so why he need more money..This is to everyone who claim that they have the secrets for you to make money. If they have the secrets or the code or whatever why do they need to charge to share the information..Oh yeah some would say that if you don’t pay for something you don’t think it’s serious..What do you care ? I rather have not serious information for free than to pay for the not serious 2 cents
  • You know I have to say I bought and used Ken Silver's system about 4 or 5 years ago. I won for something like 8 straight weeks in a row, and continued to play and win at least 50% of the time. Not always big, my biggest one was $2350. and most were $40. - $80. My winnings far exceeded the cost of the program. I cancelled after a time because I got too busy to put any time or attention on lottery tickets, and there was no problem with cancelling. I didn't ask for a refund as I felt i'd got more than my money's worth. I am not and have never been an affiliate. It is possible that the company has changed hands or something since then, and the customer care has suffered, but I used to email Ken and get replies just as anyone would expect. Just so you have a balanced feedback here.
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