Silver Lotto System Reviews
Is Ken Silver Legit or a Scam?

Silver LottoKen Silver’s Silver Lotto System has been around for a few years now, though it used to be called Honest Lotto.  Silver promises that he can raise your chances of winning the Lotto up to 98% for each time you play, and for a monetary investment of only a couple dollars a week.

The Silver Lotto System is sold for $39.95, unless you try to navigate away from the page, and then you will be offered the Silver Lotto System for $29.95.  For this price, you are supposed to receive an eBook in the next 48 hours giving you the details on this “guaranteed” system.  You also be signed up for the Lotto 80 membership for an additional $19 a month.

The Silver Lotto System is a lottery wheel system, which is not a new invention, and which was not created by Ken Silver.  The wheel system is a method of choosing and arranging lottery numbers in order to have a better chance at winning prizes.  Wheel systems target the smaller second and third tier prizes, so don’t think that the Silver Lotto system will snag you a Jackpot.

So is Silver Lotto a Scam?

In a word, yes. You will find lots of reviews and testimonies saying otherwise on the internet, but that’s mostly because Ken Silver has created many affiliates over the years who realized early on that – like Ken Silver himself – you just make much more money selling Ken’s lotto system than using it.

Many customers report never receiving their eBook after paying for it.  Customers who do receive the eBook and follow the wheel system report investing significant amounts of money into the lotto and receiving very little money back from it.  If you email Ken Silver in regards to his personal money back guarantee, customers report that they get no response whatsoever, much less any info on getting their refund.

The Winners’ Circle, an optional monthly investment club, is the most dangerous aspect of the Silver Lotto system.  Ken Silver organizes a group of people to invest amounts of money into a larger wheel system that is meant to go after the Jackpot lotto prizes. People have invested thousands of dollars into the Winners’ Circle and have never seen one single dollar returned to them.

And when they ask Ken Silver to see evidence of the lotto tickets that he is apparently buying with their money, Silver says this isn’t possible because he needs to protect his system.  Don’t risk it – stay away from

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Hey thanks everybody, thanks reviewopedia. I was just about to hit the button to purchase additional products to improve my chances as uncle Ken had emphatically advised, but my gut feel resisted.
  • I've used this system for sometime does not work at some minor wins..but not enough to offset the losses...not worth the no one in support to reply to inquires
    • I am a believer of Ken Silver software. When I first got into this system I was given help in how to arranged the numbers like hot or cold numbers and when not to play (etc). One day I went to check my numbers all of those numbers had matched with the Virginia lottery. But only one thing, I did not play that day or put them on the ticket to be turned in. I was so heart broken. And til this day I still play the Ken silver numbers. Any one out there slamming Mr. Silver you are a big dummy. Only thing you have to do figured out those numbers because no body can't hand you a million dollars. You have to keep trying to get your numbers right.
  • silvers has not refunded my canceled order for books yet.
  • Hi all me too in think i have been had have been trying to contact this so called Ken Silver but doe not have a valid email address i now have to cancel my credit card before he direct debit s my card be careful all you guys out there he s a CROOK
  • This guy is a scam artist, no doubt to anyone considering buying this system save your money!!
  • I know some of these people have won local lotteries several times, they are either very lucky or have somewhat if a system. Obviously they make more money selling their system to gullible sheep. I just don't see how there can be a system to 5 or 7 random balls coming out. I play the local lottery in my state the Fantasy 5 in Arizona and won it twice for 50k after taxes around 36k but it was pure luck, no system, just me buying tickets lol
  • As I stated above I agreed ken sliver is a scam I think. I want to cancel but no luck. that is sliver lotto and the lotto 80 system.
  • Came here to see what everyone had to say. Glad I did. Saved me a lot of headaches dealing with someone who seems to be a crook. For those of you who paid with a credit card and can get no response, dispute the charge. If enough people do that, the CC companies will ban him..
    • It helps to browse the web for scams before investing in any products.

      If you paid by credit card and got no response, you can approach your credit card issuer for help in disputing the transaction(s) using the "chargeback" process. Keep all emails as proof that you have made attempts to resolve with the crook and got no replies. If you bought product with "recurring charging" from him, he will attempt to charge your credit card again. Maybe you should consider getting a new credit card. I think he uses CLICKBANK for his eBook and some other secured payment for other products. With this mechanism he is setting up an automatic cash cow.
    • Why? All they have to do is send an support ticket e-mail to clickbank (the person that bought the product should have a direct link to this for this product) and they will be refunded thru Clickbank. It is VERY easy to do. Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • This bloke makes me laugh. Having gotten bored of waiting for the Silver Fox to send me stuff that I have paid for I decided to post a slightly less than positive comment on his blog. Someone picked up on it and posted another slightly unimpressed comment. Imagine my surprise when both comments were removed!!!! So much for freedom of speech. Anyway I posted another one and guess what not only did they remove it they also disabled the comment facility unless you have logged in. Which you cannot do because toejam has not sent out login details. Bless him I think I am going to have a full go at him. Mr Silver you are a thief my name is steve sinclair and if you want to sue me go for your badge you can reach me at [email protected] Just for the record I am going to go out of my way to cause grief for you.
  • Even more suspect i bought the thing through clickbank and never got a confirmation email from them. The product arrived though and funnily enough i won enough cash to cover me for the next stuff up which was to order the rest of his stuff. No sign of that so yeah watch out for this dick he is truly a snake oil salesman
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