Simple Automatic Business Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of the Simple Automatic Business, is a new weekend business training course being run by Alvin Huang, the CEO of Success Vantage, one of leading internet marketing firms based in Singapore.

Their website says that Success Vantage specializes in e-commerce and selling information products to clients all over the world, as well as promoting other people’s products as affiliates.

All told, Success Vantage claims that they generate over $500,000 in sales every single month, and they are prepared to teach you exactly what they do so that you can imitate them and make your own living working online.

The Promises

Alvin Huang says that he created the Simple Automatic Business training class because he was so sick and tired of the scammers working online that promised to teach people how to be successful online, when really all they were doing was recycling old canned theories about online business that didn’t actually pan out in the real world of business.

The Simple Automatic Business seminar takes place over the course of a single weekend, one weekend each year for as long as Alvin Huang chooses to continue teaching them. This class promises to teach people how to build an online business in just 30 minutes per day.

This seminar is said to give people “the exact blueprint” for how Huang runs his own business, as well as the exact resources and schedule you will need to run your own business, step-by-step.

The Problems

Alvin Huang is not wrong when he talks about all the people online who are scamming people with their training courses. Every week there is a new program promising to teach people everything they need to not just make money online, but to usually make a lot of money online, and these same programs fail just as quickly, as they revealed to be a waste of people’s money and effort.

Because most of the reviews about this seminar are provided by affiliates promoting this program, it is hard to say really what the value of this program is, but what is clear is that enrollment is currently priced at $4,062.67. Customers will be required to initially pay a deposit of $500 and fill out an application before they are accepted to this program. If you are not accepted this $500 will be returned to you.

That beings said, Huang is very clear that he teaches this class one time a year and isn’t sure how many years he’ll teach the class. The 2016 class has already passed, which should mean that they are no longer accepting enrollment. However, their website is still accepting $500 deposits.

As it is unclear whether or not this program is really worthwhile, especially for the high price tag, and the 2016 seminar is already over, future participants should wait until the new class dates are set and more information is available before they are willing to invest this kind of money into an unproven opportunity.

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