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Simple Home Wealth System
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Simple Home Wealth System


This is another version of the infamous link posting work at home program. It uses the same sales process and carries all the same warnings. The Simple Home Wealth System is advertised through a series of advertorials – that is websites designed to look like real online news publications.

This is just one of the tricks used to promote this course. They also make amazing income promises like claiming that you can make $379 a day working only 60 minutes. They also use some false scarcity tactics like pretending that there are only two positions left in your city.

If you’ve never seen one of these sales pages before then the opportunity may seem like the answer to all your financial problems. However, the truth is that this program gets a new name and spokesperson every month or so. For instance it’s also currently being marketed under the names Income Masters Institute and Power Secure Learning.

The reason that marketers will change the name so often is because this course is notorious for generated negative reviews and customer complaints, under every new name they use, consequently hurting their sales. By changing the name regularly they can stay ahead of the bad press.

The reason that this opportunity generates the bad reviews is because the sales page misrepresents the opportunity, time, and money needed to make it work. They make it seem like someone will pay you cash for posting links.

In reality you will be told to market programs through your affiliate link and try to make sales. If a sale is generated through your link only then do you earn a commission. You can make money this way but be forewarned that it’s not as easy as they make it seem and there are a lot of things to understand about internet marketing in order to make it work.

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  • At Home Wealth System is totally rubbish...I was scammed like never before.This criminals must pay for their criminal act
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