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Simple2Advertise is a website which offers their customers what they call “magnetic marketing tools” as well as traffic packages that will help you build your direct marketing business.

According to their sales page, all successful online businesses require powerful marketing tools and a constant flow of traffic in order to generate income. The marketing tools that you can purchase from Simple2Advertise are said to be fully automated, and require no coding or linking on your part.

The website goes on to say that they offer marketing products valued at a total of $28,711, but their members can have access to all of these tools for a monthly subscription fee of $37.

Generating Leads

The $37/month subscription fee only gives you access to the marketing tools. In order to get access to the traffic packages, you must purchase those separately whenever they become available.

Simple2Advertise buys blocks of advertising space on areas they say are proven to generate leads, then break that space up into packages and sell them to their members. You can purchase multiple packages if you wish.

Each time an ad receives a click that traffic will be delivered on a rotating basis to the websites of members who purchased traffic packages. When clicks bring traffic results to your site, you will be notified of which ads and where they were placed, so you can improve your personal advertising system.

What to Know

Since the marketing tools that are being offered to you are “fully automated” and require no coding or action on your part, they are fully reliant on Simple2Advertise.

If you are unsatisfied with what you receive and choose to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. Unfortunately you will then lose all lead generation and since there are no results guaranteed, no refunds are given.

If you do decide to go with this company to market and advertise your business, they also offer an affiliate program which lets you earn money when you bring new customers to their business.

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Average Rating for " Simple2Advertise " is 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • Simple2Advertise built a funnel that got our team to the top of the leaderboards. Vincent and Eric know their stuff!
  • I have beentrying to cancel this subscription for over a year now and am told that someone will call me. Never happens, but yet Im getting charged $37 a month for a service I do not even use...
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