Reviews – Legit or Scam?, a website run by internet marketing guru Mark Joyner, is dedicated to a variety of things.  First, Simpleology is a self help method meant to help you focus on your goals, eliminate distractions, and realize your potential.  Secondly, also features training courses that can help you with your business goals. has a free membership program that acts as a sort of introduction to what Simpleology is all about: Simpleology 100.  Once you’ve completed the free program, you can move on to the Simpleology Pro, which costs $7 a month and gives you access to further courses, or you can join Simpleology Elite for $47 a month, which allows you access to everything on the site. receives mixed reviews from its customers.  While many people seem very satisfied with the self help, motivational aspect of the courses, there are equally as many people who have said they’ve heard this same approach before, that it’s not really anything new.

Some people love Mark Joyner’s business advice, while others find it unhelpful.  To be fair, Mark Joyner is a very successful internet marketer who has created many well known internet marketing programs over the years.  If you are interested in internet marketing, or the marketing field in specific, you may feel that you get more out of the courses than others do.

In general, it seems like with many motivational business models, it works for some and not for others.  The one complaint that seemed to come up often was that after signing up for the Simpleology program, people began receiving mass amounts of emails from Mark Joyner and associates he partners with promoting other products and programs for the Simpleology members.  With this in mind, you may want to set up a separate email account to use for Simpleology, unless you’re ok with having your regular inbox flooded with these promotions.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I fell for subscribing to one of their services, the interface never worked, It took a month for them to get around to refunding my first month's charge. In that time, they charged me for a second month and refused to refund it! To this day, I carry a "credit" there because they just won't give my money back to me. I have reached out to them several times, still no resolution, years have passed! Once I tried to use the credit to buy calendars that they were hawking, but they refused to allow me to spend my money that they owe me in this way. They stated that I could only apply the credit to a subscription service with them. Who ever heard of restricting "store credit" to something that forces the consumer to sign up for recurring monthly charges. It is sad that this is what Mark Joyner has resorted to.
  • Simpleology is definitely useful, but in this day and age of the $5.00 app, it is WAY overpriced. In fact, it is probably worth about $20.00 total; not $500+ per year. After you are in, it takes a fair amount of work to get out, so I think many people like me keep thinking they will exit "next month."
  • I would like to cancel my free membership with simpleology elite. How do i do that?
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