Six Figure Ignition Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Six Figure Ignition, found online at, is a new work at home program created and managed by Bob Beckett and James Starr, two men who describe themselves as being successful in multiple different online businesses over the course of the last decade.

The website for this program promises users the ability to sell hundreds of products, be a top five earner for your specific company, become an authority in your niche, build a massive subscriber list, and create a six figure business in just the next 90 days.

The website does not provide any specific published information regarding their prices and costs at this time, other than to say they offer a seven day trial of their program for just $7, but it has been reported by other members that Six Figure Ignition ultimately charges $197.00 per month for their membership benefits.

How Does It Work?

The website says that SFI focuses on teaching their users about important online marketing techniques, like Sales Funnel Optimization, Traffic Generation, Facebook Advertising, Marketing Technology, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Design and WordPress Blogs, and more.

Once you become a member for the 7 day trial – and beyond – you will have access to Live Group Coaching for one hour per week during their live webinar coaching sessions. They will be able to address all your questions at this time and provide further information for traffic and conversions.

In addition, they promise that every month they will add more training videos for list building and all other applicable areas. Finally, they also promise access to their “secret” Facebook group which allows you to work with the SFI team and other SFI members, like you.

Potential Concerns

The biggest concerns regarding this product are fairly obvious: cost and effectiveness. The expense of nearly $200 per month is very high for most people, and to know that in exchange for that cost the “one-on-one coaching” you will receive is one hour per week in a group webinar format is not very satisfying.

But outside of the cost – or if you are lucky enough that the cost is no concern to you – you simply have to wonder if Facebook group discussions and one hour per week to ask the creators a question or two will really be enough to help you meet your goals for your independent business.

Another significant concern is that when you provide your payment information for the $7 trial, there is no information given about when to expect the next charge, what that charge will be, and whether or not you will be given the chance to authorize or if it will occur automatically. This type of information should certainly be provided to customers before they provide their credit card number, and not afterward.

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