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The Six Figure Program (, by Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux, is an affiliate marketing training course being sold for $27.00. Affiliate marketing is when businesses reward affiliates for bringing them visitors or customers via their marketing practices.

Affiliate marketing is possibly the most popular way to earn a living online. It is also perhaps one of the most widely misrepresented ways to make money online. The most common misconception of affiliate marketing is that you can do little to no work and still make an impressive five figure or even six figure salary.

This misconception often comes from the type of work that affiliate marketing is. Since this is an online business, affiliate marketers do have the ability to earn money when not actively working, i.e. when they sleep or are on vacations. This has often become one of the biggest selling points to join the industry – “Make money while you sleep!”

However, the truly successful affiliate marketers do work long, hard hours, especially in the beginning stages of establishing their business. This is generally a point that most people selling affiliate marketing training programs avoid to make.

How is the Six Figure Program Different than Other Training Programs?

In many ways, the Six Figure Program by Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux is the same as other affiliate training programs. Their sales page emphasizes the large earning potential, bolstered by the ability to make money while you sleep, and is vague on the amount of work needed to earn a large amount of money, saying “a few hours” of work are required.

This is further emphasized by their affiliates and advertisers, like Susan’s Business Blog is not so much a blog as it is an affiliate site pushing the amazing abilities of the Six Figure Program to give anyone anywhere the financial independence they dream of. This is fairly common in the world of internet marketing training guides.

However, they are different than many other systems in one way – their price. Often, affiliate marketing programs that are accompanied by books, videos, and a support system cost $90.00 and up, so the Six Figure Program appears to be a steal at $27.00.

The only issue here, though, is that many of their customers report that the information delivered in the Six Figure Program is very basic, general affiliate marketing stuff – info that can be found online for free, for the most part. Unfortunately, this happens to be the case with almost every affiliate marketing training program – usually you are simply paying for the convenience of having all the information compiled for you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Six Figure Kit " is 1.6 out of 5 based on 142 reviews.
  • Total thieves, me or someone else they robbed will show up someday where one of them, or hopefully both are and they will receive an old fashioned ass whipping! I hope it's me. I will remember all you while I beat them senseless! Where are our worthless government and law enforcement officials when guys like this are plain stealing your money? They are spending their time pursuing weed smokers, the only thing they got good at! (after that they need a cocktail lol) That because it's safe and easy, to hell with those crooks and thieves! That's too hard! Now watch a cyber dick blow me static, while these two con men make off with your hard earned cash>
  • We also bought into this.Not one check from anything came in.Our site was frozen also.We spent maybe 500.00 total and never seen a dime.We also watched all videos.We had Hostgator as our domaine provider.It is a scam .We didn't renew.They was trying to charge us for another year but I went in and took out all of our credit card information.
  • How do we get our money back? Class action suit?
  • I believe that the FTC should make them reimburse ANYONE who was defrauded by these loser freaks!
    • It's better to do it yourself. there is free sites to develop websites. To publish its like $3-$7. If you come up with a good website idea maybe like an online blog. All you do is go to different top corporations and scroll to the bottom and click affiliate program and sign up. they will give you a code you put it on your web page and if your site gets a lot of views then their is more odds of people clicking the links, you should have no problem making money from the affiliates. its better to just avoid those sites that say invest, because 9 times out of 10 they are out to screw you over.
  • They where busted by the FTC
  • I thought it was just me, but I see more people are having the same problems. I've been trying to get on my website, and it will not load. Ben and Dave are going to ultimately pay for this.
  • Unfortunatelly, I have to agree with all the above, just in my case I have to sign up with GatorHost... then you down load a manual and there, they recommended (or so) and in their videos they "again" recommended Smart Puppy, REALLY! How many host we need? I jus -as of the people above- spent money. You cannot get in touch with them. Only once, at the very beginning they respond to an Email, and that was it!... Guess that is how they make their much for a lawyer and a teacher!
  • I guess, it IS a RipOff/Fraud!!! because I bought the "six figure Program" too, and something went wrong, I Called them(their 800#) and any & MANY of Their OTHER Toll FREE Numbers(customer-service#'s) & they ALL Say the SAME Thing!!!! "The Number U are Trying to reach is NO LONGER AVAILABLE/IN SERVICE" or "it cannot be reached at this Time/TRY AGAIN at a LATER TIME!!!" Point being that U CANNOT get to Talk to anyone(anybody/customer service) a REAL "LIVE" PERSON!!!! Sucks!!!! No REAL Communication THERE!!!!
    • TRUE, My company link got sold and no one can't tell me any explanations, I'm still trying to find customer service. My website was worth $300.00 and I didn't get any funds from it. Whats going on?
  • I do feel that it is a scam.I also paid $27.00 and I spend hours watching the videos.They recommended Smartpuppy for a domain name. Try to get in touch with them. !It's impossible. Ben and Dave's did respond for a short time, now I cannot get in touch I can no longer connect to Ben and Dave's program.And that's not all. I can no longer access my website and their phone number is always busy.Right this minute I do not remember the total amount I paid but I do know that it was more than $100.00.Also the website at times did not function right.
  • I do feel that it is a scam.I also paid $27.00 and I spend hours watching the videos.They recommended Smartpuppy for a domain name. I have never being able to get in touch with them. Their number is always busy. Same with Ben and Dave's program. I can no longer access my website and I paid more than $100.00. I was trying to find out how I could get in touch with them and that's how I found this page.
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