Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is a penny auction site promising to sell brand new, factory sealed items at extremely discounted prices. SkoreIt says the average auction item is won at a 72% discount.

SkoreIt is similar to most other penny auction websites in that you must purchase a BidPak before you can begin bidding. Depending on the size of the BidPack, bids are priced between 66 cents and 60 cents per bid.

A single bid on a SkoreIt auction will raise the price between 1 cent and 8 cents, and will extend the clock between 30 seconds and 5 seconds, all depending on the particular auction.

Once you have won an auction, you must pay the final auction price and provide your shipping information so the item can be sent to you. If you have lost the auction, you may place the cost of your lost bids toward the full retail price of the item at SkoreIt.

Unlike other penny auction websites, however, when you close out your account with SkoreIt, the unused bids you have purchased remaining in your account will actually be refunded to the card used to purchase said bids.

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