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The Smart Profit System is a new binary options trading program created by Dan Anderson who says his system is guaranteed to earn you money “every 60 seconds.”

Binary options is described by Anderson as being a way of trading currency, commodities, stocks, and more with a fixed rate of return. The trader decides whether the price will go up (call option) or down (put option).

Anderson says the Smart Profit System guarantees a 76% fixed return on your investments, and he’ll even let you practice with a demo account for free before you fund your own account and become an official member.

Understanding Binary Options

According to Forbes, financial experts want people to understand one very important thing about binary options: this is not investing, it’s gambling. Deciding whether a stock will go up or down within a fifteen minute window has nothing to do with traditional investing.

They say that, like gambling, binary investing is always skewed toward the house. This means that you will have to win the majority of your “bets” in order to even come out even, before you begin making money.

And finally, because it is not investing, it is not regulated in any way. Actual investment companies are held accountable in a variety of ways by regulatory agencies. This is not true of companies that specialize in binary options.

Is Smart Profit System Real?

The Smart Profit System seems remarkably similar to all other binary trading companies. They guarantee fixed rates on return, tell you that part of the strategy requires you to lose sometimes, and promises to let you practice for free.

But all of this is leading up to a day when you will be expected to do two things. The first is to actually begin trading with your own money. And the second is to become a member of Dan Anderson’s program so you can log in to his videos which will teach you about binary option trading strategies.

The only reassuring thing about this program is that they claim to use a third party payment processor, Clickbank. Clickbank guarantees that all transactions that go through them will have a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

But this only applies to purchases made through their processor, and obviously this guarantee does not cover the money you’ll be investing, just the fee you pay for the strategy information.

Before deciding to invest in a system like this, it’s always best to do as much research online for free in order to know what you are getting into.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Smart Profit System " is 1.44 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • I got a random call from them and they told me I had US$7230 in my account and what did I want to do with it. I had never heard of them but they gave me their company number, which checked out. Then they gave me a new password (created manually by the salesperson) to log on to my account and see for myself. The slightly dodgy website showed my balance but no transactions were visible. Apparently, my account had been locked because of inactivity and that was why I couldn't see the transactions or access my money. All I had to do was to pay US$250 to unlock my account and access the funds. I asked for the bank account number I paid the original funds into but this was not available. I had to go onto a crypto trading site and pay the money into another account. I was almost laughing at the absurdity of it. Please avoid them at all costs - unless you see them in the street...
    • Yes That is exactly the same scam as they are trying to pull on me. They are telling me I have 8500 USD in the account and that I need to pay 500 USD to reactivate it. They claim to be set up in Gelong Vic, their ABN and ACN checks out. But its interesting, you can never track regular office phone number. I asked that agent handling my case what street in Geelong the office is in, and where do you stay in Geelong .

      But the scams are an epidemic everywhere.. I had some woman call me form Binance in Melbourne the platform and claimed they re holding blocked funds with my name on them. I asked here to tell me what is the Binance office address in Melbourne and what is the name of river that runs through the city, and the name of the CEO of Binance, she did not know any of the questions and hung up
  • The are scaMming people, I am one of the victims they scammed me out of a lot of money in the name of trading with their company, asking me to deposit money for me to get my profit but even today I am still waiting...
  • I notice that all the people who have made money and are surprised, are video themselves, which is an obvious set up to make people believe they are really making money, but are acting...

    I realized straight away that they were scamming people who want money fast and easy, and when they called and kept calling and you said No,they became rude and unprofessional.

    Nothing on the internet is that easy people!
  • Scam. The brokers will want you to deposit more money into your account. There they will guide you to do trading and wipe out all you capital just in less than 15 mins. Never trust them. I do suspect their software is control by the brokers too. Once I am trading my own and it was gain at the expired time.

    When I reviewed my closed trade it was lossed. When deposits into ours account it's pretty fast and supper easy but when come to withdrawal it is then bloody slow.

    So do you still belived in them. My foots ok.
  • This are scams they just give pdf file and all sort of files these guys are making killing if 10 000 people have been convinced they have scored 500 000 dollars
  • The only real way to make money online is to do what these guys are doing, ie scamming the thousands of gullible idiots who surf the internet by telling them they will make tons of money if they buy your bullshit x product (For examples, see above).
  • There are a plethora of sites that claim wealth and prosperity out there and this one is one of them with the ALL same attributes as all the others. Clearly, if they were legit they would be doing it themselves quietly under the radar and not sharing the "golden goose" with others for pennies.

    There is no secret formula out there that runs automatically while you sleep and if you believe that there is I have a bridge I want to sell you in Brooklyn. These guys are gifted in BS and prey on the desperate and trusting individuals.

    Bottom Line: They are Scammers nothing more, nothing less.
  • SCAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Please AVOID them at all costs.... Save yo'self from Them. They scammed and robbed me off my money Those Damned ppl....
  • Yeah!

    If smart profit make us much money like this, Bill Gate would stop working.
  • Ponzi Scheme
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