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Smiley360 is a new market research company which sends their customers a box full of free samples that they will provide in exchange for your providing the feedback and information their partner companies need.

While most market research opportunities just send people surveys and ask them questions about their general habits and preferences when it comes to products, Smiley360 wants to improve the quality of information they can get from their members.

To do this, they first send their members free samples of products and only after they have used the products themselves are customers asked to provide information and opinions, so companies can get the most specific feedback possible.

How Does It Work?

Their website says that members will be given a chance to sign up for “Smiley Missions,” which is what they call it when there is an opportunity to try new products. They say that all members should only accept Missions that interest you, and members are always welcome to Decline a box that features products they aren’t interested in.

Once you have received your Mission and tried the products, they ask that you use their tools to share your feedback on the products, not only with their website and the product brands, but also with your friends and family.

For everything you do on the Mission, you will earn points and badges. The more points and badges you earn, the higher your chances are of being selected for even more opportunities.

Also, it is important to understand that while most market research companies that operate online compensate their participants with either money or rewards. Smiley360 compensates its members with the free samples they provide – there is no other compensation.

The Concerns

Prospective members who begin looking online for reviews of this company are likely to find that many of their reviews are mixed, and it’s for a specific reason: Smiley360 simply doesn’t send a lot of boxes.

There are members of their website who report that they have been a member for a long time, have repeatedly requested boxes, have met all of the requirements for the box they requested, and then a box simply never comes.

Some of these unhappy members claim that this company only sends boxes to people who have a strong social media presence with lots of followers, but this hasn’t been verified at this time.

It seems that at the very least has a lot of members who are interested in receiving free samples but they simply don’t have a lot of free samples to give. New customers are welcome to sign up for this service and throw their hat in the ring, but it’s better that people know the concerns about their service upfront.

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