Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 181 reviews Review It is a job search website that helps connect people with jobs in their area. Once you’ve reviewed the jobs available and identified ones that interest you, you can create a profile on Snag A Job and apply directly to the job from the website.

You can also post your profile to be viewed, so employers can contact you if they feel you are qualified to fill a position. In this way, claims to be similar to other job finding websites such as or

Snag a Job provides a range of job types, from warehouse inventory jobs to higher level jobs that require further education or experience. also provides information on degree programs for people looking to improve their job finding chances.

So is Legit or a Scam?

First and foremost, many of the jobs available on are legitimate, and they may have helped connect members with them. But you’ll also notice that on their list of available jobs, there are many jobs offered from online opportunities like paid survey companies.

Most people that are signing up at an online job database are looking for more traditional jobs that come with a steady paycheck, as opposed to online business or supplemental income opportunities. If you receive one of these offers after signing up with, make sure to investigate the company before investing any money.

In addition, according to their Full Privacy Policy, they provide your contact information to partner companies and third party companies in order to contact you with advertisements or special offers they think you might be interested in based on your site activity.

If you do not want to be contacted by these companies, you can try to change your Snag a Job profile to more accurately reflect the types of emails you would like to receive, but you may also choose to set up a separate email account to deal with the communication you receive from them.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Snag A Job " is 1.76 out of 5 based on 181 reviews.
  • I WASTED MY MONEY & MY TIME. DO NOT RECOMMEND USING SNAG A JOB. I used this site to try and hire a retail associate. I paid a lot of money in hopes this site would yield qualified candidates to fill this position. My job post was well written and the compensation was competitively priced, so I was expecting Snag a Job to deliver as lead me to believe they would. As a few unqualified applicants trickled in, I called customer service to ask for any tips or tricks that would help improve the results of my post. I did not get any recommendations or suggestions and had no choice but to wait and hope it would start working. I ended up with only 5 applicants in one month and could not interview a single one due to the poor selection. Their website claims they are America's #1 spot for individuals seeking hourly work! I find this incredibly hard to believe due to my terrible experience. Snag a Job claims you can "post a job and find someone fast". I wish I had gone to one of their competitors. I hope this review will save another employer from enduring the same nightmare I experienced.
  • Not sure how people find the jobs on this site.....employers can barely post adequately.....People are missing out on some fantastic job opportunities...Indeed and Craigslist are more of a balanced job search site.
  • Will not allow me to put in username for a job application. Keeps telling me it is unsecured.

    How do I apply for a job, if it doesn't let me???
  • Just started looking through Snagajob today. Sadly two employers I was looking at wants you to apply through snagajob. Even though I found this to be some what odd, I went ahead and tried to apply for both of them to no avail. Not even two hours later I get a solicitation phone call. The person on the other end I'm sure was not very happy when we got off the phone. NEVER again will I be foolish enough to use this service. Live and learn...
  • thank you for the read.
  • Available job seekers were very few. I cancelled my posting after a few months and they charged me again 2 weeks later. Apparently I had to cancel my account to end charges. $178 for no active postings. Ridiculous.

    I had also recommended snagajob to a friend who was seeking a job and they started calling him trying to get him to enroll in online school. This company is not legit.
  • One of the first thing snagajob asks when you sign up is BOD. Even companies that hire you do not ask for that kind of information when you apply for a position online. That comes at a later point in the interview process in my experience. So asking for BOD is suspect right off the bat. I have also heard once you pass the first page, you will be asked for your SSN as part of completing your profile. Anyone asking for SSN is not legit for me. It would be foolish to provide it to a third party job search site. Of course snagajob will sell all of that personal information regardless of any disclaimer they put out there. If you see a job on snagajob, it's better to go to the career site of the hiring company and apply there. It's the safest option.
  • They ask you your birthdate.. That appears to be profiling, and I don't know it is allowed in any state. In addition, that information can be used by identity thieves..
  • I do not feel snagajob is safe ,i applyed for a job gave all my information plus ss number the company never received my application weird right!!!!!!!!!
    • yup is sketchy. I went on there to apply for a job and it gave me options to "further my education and i OPT out of those options. It forced me to fill out info about schooling anyways before going to the application part and I gave them a fake email address so they wouldnt send me crap and this morning i got a call from some company about furthering my education, it made me so mad. DONT use use they dont do that!
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