Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 181 reviews Review It is a job search website that helps connect people with jobs in their area. Once you’ve reviewed the jobs available and identified ones that interest you, you can create a profile on Snag A Job and apply directly to the job from the website.

You can also post your profile to be viewed, so employers can contact you if they feel you are qualified to fill a position. In this way, claims to be similar to other job finding websites such as or

Snag a Job provides a range of job types, from warehouse inventory jobs to higher level jobs that require further education or experience. also provides information on degree programs for people looking to improve their job finding chances.

So is Legit or a Scam?

First and foremost, many of the jobs available on are legitimate, and they may have helped connect members with them. But you’ll also notice that on their list of available jobs, there are many jobs offered from online opportunities like paid survey companies.

Most people that are signing up at an online job database are looking for more traditional jobs that come with a steady paycheck, as opposed to online business or supplemental income opportunities. If you receive one of these offers after signing up with, make sure to investigate the company before investing any money.

In addition, according to their Full Privacy Policy, they provide your contact information to partner companies and third party companies in order to contact you with advertisements or special offers they think you might be interested in based on your site activity.

If you do not want to be contacted by these companies, you can try to change your Snag a Job profile to more accurately reflect the types of emails you would like to receive, but you may also choose to set up a separate email account to deal with the communication you receive from them.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Snag A Job " is 1.76 out of 5 based on 181 reviews.
  • Its common sense call the employer first.I just found a job and I was in the system its like any other job resorce.
  • Honestly my teacher showed me this site, that teacher I trust with my non-existing family. But yes snag a job CAN have some spam but that's nothing you can't take care of yourself..

    Don't expect 500 of your dream jobs to fall right in your lap.

    Will I go on this site to see the comments?______No.

    Has snagajob worked in the past?_________________Yes

    Will I use snagajob? ____________________________Most likely

    Is it guaranteed? _______________________________Nothing is
  • Used Snagajob as an employer to find qualified candidates but found zero. Received very few responses/applications and those I did receive were pathetic. I would suggest using Craigslist and avoiding this site. I also do not like how they do their billing.
  • For Employers, Beware!

    The applicants are not qualified. You'll put in certain requests for time frames, qualifications and they will send you cooks and dishwashers. Total waste of money. After 3 days I told them how satisfied I was. they didn't respond for 5 days and said sorry, we sent you this person (who was under qualified). The first 10, half did not have a license to drive. Total Joke, Total waste.
  • I have recently been laid off and looking for a new job so I applied for SnagAjob and then have decided to come look at the reviews. Comments have me worried so anybody that knows a restaurant hiring prep cooks or servers please respond!! I have certifications in culinary arts and much experience. Please & Thanks.
  • Filled out at least EIGHT applications through Snagajob. Two weeks later, and NOT ONE of the applications has been seen by a prospective employer. Total waste of time. Pretty sure they are just selling information gathered.
  • Just filled out an application for a fast food job,one hour later,it responds sorry you are not fit.I know the manager did not see it.I do have plent experience.I don't understand.
  • Made the mistake of using this site. Endless phone calls now. Yes, I know it's from different schools I can't afford. I need a damn job!!
  • I was using snag a job for help in finding a parttime job, But for some unknown reason they keep sending me an error message saying my email address does not match what they have on file. I suggest they change what they have on file as their information is obviously incorrect. and because I have used this same email address for at least 5 years, I have no intention whatsoever of changing anything about me email address/ besides there are dozens of other companies out there to use. which is exactly what I am going to do now
  • As an employer, I was hopeful that was a good place to post an ad, but what a nightmare! The user interface is awful, there is barely any kind of account management, and the worst thing was that they overcharged me for two months after I closed the posting. I couldn't even cancel the account because their stupid site wasn't working half the time.

    As for the applicants, uggh, what a disastrous disappointment. Most couldn't even bother to capitalize their own names, and it was a posting for someone with solid written communication skills! A grim pool to draw from, and we finally just closed the ad after seeing the sad range of "talent" that snagajob attracted to our post. Then, as I say, adding insult to injury, the site kept charging us!

    To date there is NO response from their supposed customer service, so I'm guessing this place operates out of someone's basement.

    Terrible experience -- will never use them again, needless to say.
    • Sorry for them giving you problems. But many of us are in dire need of a job

      Have a Blessed Day.
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