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Social Commissions, found at, is a new work at home program being promoted by Adrian Morrison, who claims that anyone can make money with his proven system, regardless of their experience or knowledge.

Morrison has flown all over the country running seminars which teach people how to earn money from home using the internet, and in his experiences he claims he’s learned that “as long as you can see how someone else actually earns money online” you can do it yourself.

Previously, Adrian Morrison claims that when he’s taught his Social Commissions program to students, he has specifically asked them to keep their teachings a secret. But he has decided recently to make his program available to anyone with the desire to use it, for only $49.00.

How Does It Work?

Morrison claims that his Social Commissions program is different from other work at home opportunities because of what it does NOT involve: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or most importantly, a website.

According to, the number one reason people fail at making money from home is their inability to properly create, design, and maintain a website. Morrison claims that 95% of websites created are eventually abandoned.

But, with the Social Commissions opportunity, you will never need a website, and therefore will not need to pay to maintain a website or to worry about technology issues or search engine optimization.

Instead, Social Commissions teaches you how to be an affiliate for various Clickbank programs and to place ads on, a dating website that Morrison claims is one of the most popular websites in the world.

The Bottom Line

Social Commissions is still a form of affiliate marketing, and is promoted in a fashion extremely similar to Anthony Morrison’s Success with Anthony program.

The training for this program will cost you a minimum of $49.00, and while the sales page claims that there is a 60 Day Risk Free guarantee, this policy is not actually detailed in any refund agreement or in the Terms and Conditions.

In general, affiliate marketing is a legitimate work at home industry, but it’s always a good idea to research free resources online about the type of work that is required before you make a monetary investment into any program, especially one which does not describe its refund policy.

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