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from 39 reviews Review It is a Damian Campbell website selling the “37 Vital Food Items Guide,” which is similar to his “Survive-Anything” guide and website.

According to, any disaster big or small could place the average American family into a food crisis. The “37 Vital Food Items Guide” is intended to help American families make sure they won’t go hungry in these potential situations.

It will help you know when a potential disaster is approaching, what the number one food item important to your survival is, the top 3 crucial items you will need for surviving a crisis, and more.

In addition to the “Vital Food” guide, you will also receive a guide to getting clean water in a crisis and to handling potential crises with energy. Also, after you order, you will receive special email offers and information from their website and partners.

This guide has a one time cost of $49.97 and is sold through Clickbank. This means that if you are unhappy with the guide for any reason, you have 60 days to request a no questions asked refund.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 37 Vital Food Items Guide " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 39 reviews.
  • The video starts off by saying 'this information won't cost you a dime'

    I then sit through the whole, carefully scripted sales video to arrive at a point where he gives the cost and says - well, I told you it won't cost you a dime'

    I ignored my BS detectors and still went ahead to buy the product. Then got charged and additional $10 for shipping (not disclosed upfront)

    Then went in immediately to cancel the monthly subscription and get a message saying 'You currently aren't on any Subscriptions'. (See the message here: ) Great, concern addressed. Until, 4 months later, I notice that 3 x $27 subscription charges have already been deducted.

    Now I'm waiting what they say - whether they will refund me or if I'll need to approach Clickbank.
  • I knew it was a scam when it wouldn’t let me leave the website without restarting my computer! Whenever you are thinking of buying something online based on SCARE TACTICS, try to leave the website immediately and think it over for a few minutes. Do you REALLY wish to deal with people whom won’t let you get away from them without re-starting Windows???
  • I received your dvd yesterday,put in in to weatch, but nothing happened?

    Why did this happen? how do I get it to work or receive arefund?
    • Same thing happened to me. I sent an email asking for refund or replacement and never heard back. And to think of all the bucks he's raking in with this scam. Shame on him. One day he will be accountable.
  • I truly loved this survival guide. It has given me a foolproof guide to preparing myself and my family for when disaster hits, and we can now rest assured that we have done everything possible to give ourselves the best chance for survival.
  • What an amazing product! I truly feel that I am better able to keep myself and my family safe in case of any disaster after reading this guide, and my worried mind has been put at ease.
  • I did not buy this product and I am soo glad I did not !! Thank you everyone for your information!! I will go to other web pages to get my info . Like ad the LDL sites. And the boy scouts!!! =-)
  • I couldnt believe it took me about 8 different tries to get OUT of the site. I kept getting repeated pop-up boxes: "Do you really want to leave this site?"..."Do you really want to navigate away?"..."Do you really want to leave this page?" If this doesnt tell you what's going on, nothing will. There's tons of information on the web (and, yes, LDS/Mormon Emergency Preparedness Manual) that is FREE. Or your local library will have (or can get you) books and manuals on emergency preparedness. FEMA site as well. Book stores too (Matthew Stein's book on "Surviving a Crisis or Emergency" or "When Technology Fails"), etc.
  • Be aware the 'Company' changes it's bilking name to fraudulently recharge your credit card if it gets blocked!!!!

    Must be reported!!! I wish I knew this before...

    Rated the Damian Campbell Scam as less than zero!!!!

    Total SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is his list of 37 items. Enjoy---------

    Water, pasta, rice, Canned soups, meats, veggies, fruit.

    Popcorn, salt, milk (condensed or powdered), cereal, beef jerky, grains.

    Cooking oil, sports drinks, nuts, pickles, dried fruits, spices, honey, crackers.

    Baking essentials, power bars, instant rice, coffee, alcohol.

    Hard candies, dehydrated canned entrees, juice powders, protein drinks, peanut butter, Long lasting treats ( twinkies, etc.)

    Salsa, Ramen noodles, fresh fruit, baby food and pet food.

    Really ,what a crock .Fear mongering at it`s worst.There is nothing wrong for being prepared for an emergency,I`ve lived in Hurricane States ,tornado states and earthquake states.You can get this information free at any number of legitimate sites .This guy is really not talking about these disasters he`s wants to scare the pants off you about those dangerous liberals who do not think the way he does . Oh ,of course he can`t wait to get his hands on your money.
  • The only thing reviewed on this site was the video and the man's marketing tactics followed by the declaration of a scam and some chest pounding for not buying the product. In the final analysis nobody knows what exactly is in the book(s) or if the book(s) even really exists. The one thing that was obvious is almost all "reviewers" are decidedly left of center and have a genuine disdain for Christians and conservatives as we all know a true liberal can never admit they are wrong and the true America is a place where all people are free to agree with the progressive point of view and be ridiculed for any dissenting opinion. I will agree that it was obvious in first couple minutes that there would be a charge for the information and I waited to hear what it would be, then he discounted $203.00 to $27.00 which was the final indicator that this was a scam. At least it won't be a terribly expensive bite for those who did buy it.
    • You start off just fine and then go off the track .Perhaps many of the reviewers are more liberal than you and most find it a scam as you also conclude. We do live in the USA and are free to express our opinions as are you. I am liberal and I am Christian .Again perhaps not the same denomination as you but I live in the USA and to the best of my knowledge there is no official mandatory religion.If I were to say all reviewers are right of center and have a disdain of anyone who is not a born again Baptist Christian,and we all know that a true conservative can never admit they are wrong (even if we come to the same conclusion) and the true America is a place where people are free to agree with the conservative point of view and be ridiculed for any dissenting opinion .I think you would take offense. Just as I did to this scam of a video that ,does not consider anyone that is a liberal or a non Christian Patriot and someone to be scared of .I think it is important to point this out .
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