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Sophie’s Blog, found at, is a website that presents its visitors with information about a money making opportunity, one in which, as she says, anyone can do from the comfort of their home.

Sophie Vaghn, the author of Sophie’s Blog, claims that she makes over $4,000 a week working from home, and the only things she had when she began was a computer, Internet access, and knowledge of how to search for things on Google.

Sophie is promoting a program called A to Z Cash System. This is an affiliate marketing training program which focuses on teaching people how to post links online. But before investing in this program, there are some things everyone should know.

First, Sophie’s Blog is an advertising web page, not a blog. While a blog is a place where people can talk about pretty much anything they want, there are still some parameters for blogs.

For example, a blog must be an ongoing project. There is only one “post” on Sophie’s Blog and it’s the sales page promoting A to Z Cash System. This is not a blog; it’s an advertisement.

This is a common practice, just like with Abbey’s Blog; advertisers want their visitors to believe they’re a blog because it gives them an added element of trust not given to advertisers. But it’s important to understand the program they are selling before you invest any money.

A to Z Cash System is an affiliate marketing training, which is a popular online job industry and many people legitimately earn money in this industry every day.

However, unlike the depiction of Sophie’s Blog, affiliate marketing is actually a very difficult industry to become established in. The thought that you can earn hundreds of dollars a day with just a couple hours work is simply not accurate, especially in the beginning.

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  • Sophie’s Blog is set us as a scam by a guy named Aaron Chrisnter and Ryan Jensen from Utah. They are scammers of the first order. They also go by the aliases Vince Scapruzzi, Ari Schwimmer, Riley “Hutch” Hutchinson and many other names in addition to Sophie Vaughn.

    They run other scams like The Black Box Firm, Accomplish Learning and Keeping It Fresh.

    Google some of these names like Aaron Chrisnter or Ryan Jensen- you will see they have been scamming people for many years. They are telemarketers that lost their license, so now they will do almost anything to get money. Sophie’s Blog is just their latest attempt to separate you from your money.

    They run an similar blog called Abbey's Blog supposedly by Abbey Fredrickson. Abbey is Aaron, not some single mom. All these names for one guy, what does he hide from????

    Both these sites are NOT to scam you, at least not directly. Rather, they want to get your NAME and EMAIL. These sites sell you something cheap for very little money. But in a money or two, Aaron and Ryan use your email or phone to contact you from Accomplish Learning or Black Box Firm…. and that is when their scam really begins. This is just the honey pot…
    • Thanks for the info!

      I tried to join up with the a to z cash thing and had a hard time with the web page, it wanted my name as it appeared my credit card and after several tries of typing it in I gave up but they still took my $47! They say it is 100% guaranteed but how do I contact them to request it? I don't see any contact info so HELP!

      Peter Tibbetts

      [email protected]
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