Speak Up Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Speak Up Surveys, found online at SpeakUpSurveys.com, is an online market research company that wants to help people get paid for providing their opinions on popular goods and services.

Online market research is one of the oldest and most popular methods of earning money online, simply because it doesn’t take much time or effort and all people are asked to do is provide their own opinion.

Customers who are interested in becoming members of Speak Up Surveys can do so completely for free at this time just by filling out their membership form on their home page.

How Does It Work?

Their website says that the foundation of their company is very simple. Companies need the feedback and opinions of their current and prospective customers to know how to best improve their products and services.

When you sign up for Speak Up Surveys, you will be asked to complete a personal profile as an initial step and based on the information you provide you will be given a selection of additional profiles and questions to answer.

The more information you provide to this company, the better they will know how to match you successfully with the surveys their company provides, which means that you will have the best chances of earning money.

Is Speak Up Surveys Legit?

Generally speaking there are only two things that need to be true in order for an online market research company to be considered “legit” and that is allowing new members to sign up for free and paying their members in exchange for their work.

Speak Up Surveys appears to meet both of these criteria, and their minimum payout is $10 which is actually not that bad for a survey company. However, this company still has their fair share of complaints and unhappy customers.

It seems that the biggest problem with this company at this time is that they don’t really provide their members with surveys. Their survey offers are few and far between, and when they do provide surveys it seems as though their members are quickly disqualified after just a few questions, which means that they won’t be paid.

The reality when dealing with online survey and marketing companies is that customers are generally best off when they sign up for a variety of companies and have the most earning opportunities, but this isn’t helpful when people are never able to reach the minimum payout.

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