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Springboard America is a subsidiary of Vision Critical, a global research firm, which pays its members for taking online surveys and providing them with relevant market insight.

Signing up with Springboard America is free and you are immediately able to receive survey invitations for which you can earn Survey Dollars. Survey Dollars can be redeemed for a check, or, if you choose, can be put toward a charitable donation.

In addition to Survey Dollars, Springboard America offers its members entry into prize drawings, where they can earn cash prizes. Just for becoming a member, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for $1000.

Earning Money with Market Research

Earning money with market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways to make money online. However, anyone with experience in market research knows that it is generally a way to make some extra money, not to replace your day job.

The surveys at Springboard America pay anywhere between 50 cents and $5.00, and you can typically expect to receive 1 – 4 survey invitations every month. Also, in order to stay an active member, you must complete at least 1 survey every three months.

In addition, each survey invitation is only good for a particular period of time, and it is different for each survey. So it is important to pay close attention to your email, in order to make sure that you can take as many surveys as possible.

What to Know About Springboard America

Springboard America has few requirements to participate with their online surveys. First, you must be a US citizen and you must be over 14 years old. You also cannot work in the market research field.

Also, though Springboard America lets you choose whether to request a check or to make a charitable donation when you reach your payout amount. Unfortunately, the payout amount is $50.

$50 is considered a high payout amount in the market research industry. It can take a long time to earn that amount of money when you are only receiving a few dollars per survey. Some people may become frustrated and quit before they ever reach their payout.

If you’re interested in doing market research for Springboard America, just keep in mind that you may need to participate for long periods of time before you’ll receive compensation.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Springboard America " is 2.09 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.
  • They nickel and dime so you hold on while keeping your award further away.

    I am $1.50 from getting an Amazon gift card and the last survey paid 25c.

    That was almost 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting for another one.

    Once I get it, maybe 2016? I will definitely quit.
  • Don't join this site! Takes years to reach the $50 minimum to receive a payout. Used to be, you'd receive a check in about a month, long enough to wait. NOW, you have to join Paylution. You have to wait for them to contact you in 4-6 weeks! Then you can get a bank transfer which I've read takes another 4-6 weeks. Bull crap.
  • they said i unsubscried which was not true and i had to contact the michigan attorney office where they claime di never contacted them which was not true, they did reopened my account, now the issue is them actually them paying my 50.00 via check which i cashed out and approved for payment on 9/2/2014., now they keep saying due to internal issues and a high volume of requests, allow another 4 weeks for check delivery which will be decemer 10, 2014., not around the end november as stated in previous e-mail so i guess i will have to contact the Michigan Attorney General's Office Again or my Legal Services Plan Attorney.
    • Did you select the paylution option? I selected that and its been four weeks and no email from them to get payment. I'm beginning to think this was a scam. Also I dont like that i have to email them and ask question and no number to call them. If I dont get payment soon I will report them to the better business.
  • I dont rember how long I've been a member, but all I need now is $1.50 for me to cash out. But It doesn't matter Since I belong to more than 20 other sites,I have a few personal favorites,that i i have very positive perdonal experience with,especially the ones that send me products to try in my home and then get paid for it. Ive gotten close to a thousand dollars the past year alone in cash,amazon and kmart giftcards.anyone interested let me know
  • I joined Springboard 12-13 months ago and just earned my first $50. It does take awhile and the check takes "up to 8 weeks" to get. We'll see how accurate that is. Since I'm a member of three other panels, it doesn't bother me it's slow. At least I know that if I keep my profile updated and complete the monthly mosaic, I'll be able to complete the majority of the surveys and with no broken links. I've always enjoyed taking surveys so the fact that I earn money is a bonus. If you're relying on making decent extra money consistently, then Springboard probably isn't for you. But if you belong to other panels and they can sustain you, this is a good bonus for not a long of work.
    • I am astounded that you have managed to reach the $50 mark in such a short time, when everyone else I have read about (and myself also) states it takes longer than a year to get that. I have been a member for 2 years and finally have $44. I do other surveys too and this is the absolute worst one I have joined. I plan to cash out - oh, I don't know, probably in another year or so at this rate - and quit.
    • What are the other panels you belong to. Can you please list them all?
  • Took almost 2 yrs to get $50. Tried to unsubscribe and gave me an error. For the amount of work - skip it.
  • You don't get many surveys and it takes a year or more to get to their $50 cash out threshold. When you do cash out it takes them 6-8 weeks to pay you.

    It's safe to assume that most people give up and the company only has to pay a small percentage of the people who make them their money. In business 101 they are one of those companies who don't violate the law they just violate the spirit of the law. In plain English they have no ethics since their cash out threshold is so high on purpose.

    Another thing. If you go on their Facebook page and say something they don't like they delete your comments and block you. How petty is that? That's just another sign on how crooked they are. Every con man knows that you have to pay a few people to help you rip off the many.
  • I received a check for $1,220.00 0n Dec. 22 from "Springboard America" in an envelope with a plain piece of paper to cover the check, I guess. It was perfect timing I thought because my family and I were leaving for Disneyland on the 26th. What a blessing for all of the surveys I have been doing. I looked online for the company name, found it and thought is was from one of my survey companies. They have random drawings for $$ once a month. I had time to put it in the bank (Wish I would of had bank check for funds!) Spent money at Disneyland and 4 weeks after returning my bank sent me a letter saying there was no money in the Denver Bank account this check was drawn on. IT BOUNCED! BIG FRAUD! Now I'm out that money. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • They don't send checks they only have paylution and amazon.The check most likely was not legit.
    • Wow, so sorry to hear that! But $1,220?? How long were you a member for you to reach that amount?? And did you try to cash out with lower amounts, like the $50 minimum? I would be interested in knowing your full experience with this company.
    • WOW! That's scarey. I can't imagine I'll ever get money from them, but guess if I did, based on your experience (thank you), I sure would put it in the bank and just leave it there. After reading an article recently on SCAM Surveys, I am getting increasingly nervous about this company.
  • They are a legitimate company but they send very few surveys and it takes forever to make $50. I just made it and I think I've been with them almost 3 years.
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