Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 5 reviews Review It is a new employment finder website that specializes in finding long term, full time employment for those looking to work a secure, stable position from the comfort of their own home. allows companies from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to use their website to find knowledgeable, reliable full time employees in positions like Data Entry, Programming, Design, Accounting, Legal Services, Telephone Support, and Personal Assisting.

It is 100% free for job seekers to become members of and upload their resumes. In addition, they recommend job seekers include an audio or video recording of themselves to further attract potential employers.

How It Works

After you upload your resume to, interested employers can contact you via email. If the employer decides they are interested in further interviewing you for a position, will send you a link to that specific job so that you may apply for an official interview.

Unlike other employment websites, job postings are not available for members to see on Instead, these postings will only be provided to those that the companies have identified as a potential match for their open positions.

If you are hired, you will be given a full time salary based on 160 hours of work a month. If for some reason you do not complete 160 hours, your pay will be reduced.

Your work will be monitored by the Time Doctor software, which will take random screenshots during your scheduled work time to ensure that you are working when you are supposed to be.

What to Know

While many job finder websites have questionable issues with privacy and securing your personal information, promises to never share or sell your personal information without first securing your permission.

However, for those employees that are hired through but live outside of the Philippines, there is no way to secure direct deposit pay checks. Instead, you must pay a $25 fee for each pay check to be wire transferred, or you can secure payment through a moneybooker, an online payment service.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 2.2 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • I just found out I have fallen victim to this same scam. What can people like myself do because i was counting on and needed that money so badly to help pay banks back for other scams I have fallen victim too. One might say that I am stupid for continuing to fall for them, but I have had brain surgery and had to work from home so I accepted anything I was awarded. Now I owe the job seeking websites money as well because they charge you as soon as you accept the award. I am just hopeful in a hopeless world and can't believe people spend all their time destroying other people's lives.
  • I was also almost just a victim of the same Seacorp Australia scheme as well. I had my reservations and just like the other two victims I too had my bank verify it was a scam and that the check was fraudulent. It was a terrible ordeal to have to go through. So as a result I have decided never to use or refer people to If they don't feel it necessary to go the extra step and verify employers who post on their sight then I don't feel they deserve my business. I would much rather use a trusted sight like flex jobs who us actually registered on The small fee required to apply for jobs on their sight Is worth the peace of mind.
  • SCAM!! beware of this site. I applied for what seemed like a legit job but turned out to be a fraud and scam. After you make it through the interview process you are sent a check to buy your work supplies. Then they want you to send money to their trusted vendor to buy the supplies via money gram or western union. The cashiers check is fake. The whole thing is a big scam!!
    • I have just had the same thing happen to me on this site. I applied for a job with SeaCorp in Australia and have just found out today that the whole thing is a scam. They send you a check to buy supplies and it turns out to be an invalid account. Thankfully I called the bank before trying to deposit it!
    • Can I ask what company you applied for a job at?
  • is legit, just like Odesk, ELance, Freelancer, etc. are all legit. These websites, however, are all the same -- one rarely/never gets a job. Everybody stays in the worldwide deadpool of wait list. For instance, a job seeker applies to a particular job, he/she gets to be a candidate among 3,000 (or more) other applicants for the same job. The job goes to ONE person, the rest gets back to the waiting list. The website would brag about millions of members to get more members, but the truth is it could only provide jobs only to a few.
  • Completely Legit and Helpful for both workers and employers.
    • I saw this website on Google Ads related and don't understand how someone would work as a Java Developer and be happy getting pay $8.25/hr when they get about $90,000 a year? Just does not make sense at all.
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