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from 420 reviews Review It, home of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is a publication website used by independent writers to publish their own personal investment newsletters.

Though Stansberry Research works hard to seem like an investment company, the reality is that they are simply an umbrella website that draws internet traffic to a single site and then sells subscriptions for a variety of people who use them for publishing purposes.

Porter Stansberry, who runs Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is perhaps best known for his devoutly anti-government stance and his use of viral videos and essays on topics like “The End of America” to bring interest and clientele to his company.

While working for Agora Financial, another financial newsletter publishing company, Stansberry and Pirate Investment were successfully sued by the SEC for defrauding subscribers of a newsletter Stansberry wrote under the name ‘Jay McDaniel.’

The judge found Stansberry guilty of intentionally defrauding his clients by falsely claiming to have the ‘inside track’ on government deals and charging his clients $1,000 each for access to this ‘inside’ information. In addition, Stansberry used the rising price of the stock he was promoting as proof of his knowledge and reliability to convince further clients to purchase the stock.  Since the stock price was only rising due to the purchases of his earlier clients, who were purchasing based on the fraudulent information given to them, Stansberry was additionally found guilty of price manipulation.

Stansberry appealed the court’s decision in 2001 but the guilty verdict was upheld.  A further effort to appeal the ruling was denied.

Stansberry likes to point to his conviction as “persecution by the federal government” who are denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech in order to stop him from revealing the evil truth about America.  It’s an interesting theory, but last time I looked over the SEC’s case against Stansberry, the federal government received no injury from Stansberry’s actions.  Rather, the people who were hurt were the clients who paid a subscription to his newsletter and then had their money taken by Stansberry and Pirate Investment.

A handful of subscribers to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research do say good things about one or two of the newsletters published there, but in general I would recommend looking elsewhere for investment advice.  Knowingly putting your trust in a company run by a man who has already been convicted of fraud, who is known to write newsletters under false names, and has already been found guilty of stock price manipulation just doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do with your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Stansberry Research " is 2.36 out of 5 based on 420 reviews.
  • Unable to remove my credit card information from my account with them. They charged me for an additional newsletter subscription without my knowledge. Only discovered it after looking at my bill months later. I asked them how to remove the card info and they did not answer.
  • Have subscribed to different newsletters over many years, mostly the "entry level" and have had mixed satisfactions from very good to meh. I am an educated investor and have been more interested in the overview than stock shopping which has helped me immensely in terms of strategy. Two things though: ALWAYS get a virtual credit card number from your card company to use when you sign up. That way there can only be one charge allowed and they will have to get in touch with you for any recurring charge. And take a screen shot of your order page and any "fine print" and print that out in case you need to dispute a charge with your credit card company. You will never see that info again if you don't.
  • Worthless junk don’t waste your money on this junk. They will not refund your money back.
  • Eight year customer. Happy over all. I have made many times more on their suggestions than the cost of the service. Steve Sjuggerud is brilliant and his China Opportunities is up over 25% in the past eight months.

    If you do not have the skill set to do your own investing, you shouldn't be buying advice on how to do it. Stansberry Investments is for people with a commitment to monitor and understand their investments and the underlying strategy, in other words, "active investors." If you are not good with any of that, buy a mutual fund or an index fund and become a "passive investor."

    Know your limits. Choose wisely.
  • Beware Consumers! OK so I was foolish and subscribed ONCE! If you do, you cannot get out despite their promise to be able to cancel anytime. I asked to have the service cancelled but instead was charged for a renewal recently which I DID NOT authorize. Can you give less than 1 star in any ratings. This company is obviously a SCAM and using fraudulent practices. STAY AWAY!!!
  • Be very careful when ordering a book from them. I simply replied to an ad to order a book for $19.00 which included shipping. Although they did a spiel on investment advice, it was notclearutil after I had paid for book (thankfully with AXP) and received an email hat I was also signed up for a recurring $149 a year advisory service. It took two days, multiple unanswered phone calls, three emails to get it cancelled by them. VERY DECEPTIVE!
  • I've discovered that most unsatisfied people are frauds in themselves. They wish for someone to do all the work for them, even the trades. THAT my friends is a full service brokerage. This company is a newsletter service, they provide information. Is it good? Is it bad? Depends on how lazy you are. If you take any research at face value without any digging of your own, then you are a naïve, lazy, fool who will always call others fraudulent. I have been using newsletters (not just stansberry) for years as the beginning of my own research, not the end. You know the saying, "You get out, what you put in," and I am talking about your own diligent hard work. Laziness develops whiners, complainers, and just plain out idiots. As for specifics with this research group, I agree that Dr. Eifrigs newsletters are by far the most reliable upon face value. As for the other, they are just as good IF one is diligent to investigate their advice even further.
  • I subscribed just today but I can;t get a past word from them so I can log-in. they gave me a user name: ervinyawn but I need a past word to get loged-in. I've a number of times to call them at the 1-888-262-2693 Tel. No. but they tell me I need to press '1' which I don;t have a '1' available on mu ph. to press then I'm cut off.
  • I am writing to warn people to stay away from anything this company offers. I tried to cancel a $55 monthly charge for a service I did not order and was told they sent the report to my email. Not ordering it and not expecting it, if they did send it, I probably deleted it thinking it was spam. I then tried to cancel my 2 year subscription and was told they would cancel it if I like but I would receive no refund. Evidently the owner of this business has been in trouble with the Federal Government for his business practices. If he has, the Government should require him to include his history of scams in his advertisments.
  • I am new to stansberry and so far I'm really impressed with the write ups. I like the full service brokerage program and I have just susbcribe on their "Venture Value" but the fees were kind of hefty for me and I was looking for possible ways to lessen the cost. If someone's interested, I would like to share my "Stansberry Venture Value" membership and split the cost. Send me an email [email protected] so we can talk more about it.
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