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Stimulus Grant is yet another website that claims to help the American public take advantage of the government grant system.  While many of the other existing grant websites tell people that they must pay a membership fee to get access to the list of government grants – which isn’t true – the Stimulus Grant Approval site is actually completely free.

However, that doesn’t mean that is actually a helpful grant assistance site.  Instead, Stimulus Grant Approval takes the information you give them in your beginning questionnaire and releases it to other companies who are looking to sell you a product.

Some of these companies are education providers who will try to sign you up for a degree or certificate program, while others are bankruptcy lawyers, career counseling services, etc.  While you may actually be interested in some of these companies or their information, the problem is the manner in which you get the information.

These type of portal websites generally just get your information, and then you become overwhelmed with email advertisements from their partners.  In their Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions section, Stimulus Grant Approval promises that all companies will give you the option to unsubscribe from their mailing list, however this must be done to each company individually – there is no way to simply request they all stop emailing you.

Finally, will try to link you to some of its other websites, and, before it claims to send you a kit for “understanding” the grant system when all is said and done.  If you are actually interested in finding specific grants that you may qualify for, you should check out the grant database operated by the Federal government.

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  • Any "grant" or "loan" site with a .com and not a .edu, .org or anything state or nation related is a scam.
  • i do not think you should charge people if you are trying to help them
    • You are right, most of this stuff you can do yourself on a gov. website, like to get a grant to start a business you have to have 25% up front yourself, so don't give these crooks your credit or debit card number, it's all about greed and ripping the poor off like the government does!
  • I can tell by looking at the website if they are legit or not. This website screams "Scam", in every notion of the matter. The one website that I go to for information about business grants and so forth would be It is a great government website that offer everything from how to write a business plan to offering free audio class about marketing, promotion, etc. Everyone should go and look it up.
  • i need this grant for to start a carwash bussiness
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