Success with Anthony 2.0 Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Success With Anthony 2.0
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Success With Anthony 2.0


Success with Anthony 2.0 is the updated version of an affiliate marketing training program created by the well known internet marketing guru, Anthony Morrison, which trains people how to earn money from home.

The original Success with Anthony program featured Morrison in a presentation video where he claimed to personally train new affiliates and use their online earnings as examples of what anyone could expect to accomplish with his program.

The original Success with Anthony program sold for $49.00, but the updated 2.0 program hasn’t been officially released and so there is no current information regarding how much it will sell for.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

One of the fastest growing online job opportunities, affiliate marketing is when someone earns money by advertising the goods and services provided by another company. When those links result in sales for your partner companies, you will be paid commission.

The concept behind the original Success with Anthony program was that participating in the training program was just as good as being personally trained by Anthony Morrison. This updated version of the program promises the same experience, with some additions.

The most important difference between the original program and Success with Anthony 2.0 is that the new program promises to include the “Fast Traffic Sniper” system, an addition that is described as being able to help people receive better traffic so they achieve better sales.

What to Know

The original affiliate marketing training program focused strongly on teaching you to be an affiliate through the Clickbank Digital Marketplace, one of the world’s most popular digital marketplaces.

In general, it is always the best idea to research internet and affiliate marketing for free online before you invest money in a paid for training program. But, as far as affiliate marketing training programs are concerned, Anthony Morrison works very hard to maintain a positive reputation.

Maintaining a positive reputation requires providing a policy for refunds with his training programs. Just make sure that if you are considering purchasing one of his programs – or any affiliate training program – that you are familiar with the refund policy first. Sometimes these policies require documentation of how your implemented their training, and you’ll want to know that in advance, just in case.

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