Survey Head Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?

Survey HeadSurvey Head is a market research site that pays people for completing surveys.  Survey Head used to exist under GoZing, a different paid survey site, until GoZing was bought and Survey Head separated themselves.

People trying to make money taking online surveys is one of the most popular work at home jobs available online.  You need no experience, no skills, and no necessary education to get paid for taking surveys – you simply need to answer questions about yourself and your shopping habits honestly.

Survey Head is completely free to join, and they will issue you a $5.00 bonus into your account just for signing up.  You are able to cash out your Survey Head account once you have reached $25.00, which is pretty average throughout the market research industry.  Survey Head has prize programs, but also plays their clients in cash, which is a nice touch since many survey sites have completely gone over to prizes and gift cards these days.

So What’s the Deal with SurveyHead?

To determine if a paid survey site is a scam, we always look at whether or not they charge you to become a member.  Survey Head is completely free to join and requires no fees to participate in any of their surveys, so this is a good sign.

The only complaints really voiced by Survey Head members is that they provide very few surveys, so it’s difficult to make money quickly.  However, it’s important to know that if you are really looking to make money with paid surveys, you need to sign up with multiple different companies so that you have the most access possible to surveys.

It’s difficult to initially qualify for surveys – generally they target a very specific age and gender group to begin with – then on top of that, many surveys require you to fill out even more detailed questionnaires to see if you fit specific criteria, for example, are you a coffee drinker and do you buy coffee from retailers more than 3 times a week?  Saying yes or no to this question could disqualify you from the survey.

The limited availability of surveys on Survey Head doesn’t make it a scam, but it’s a reminder to us that if we really want to make money doing market research we must open ourselves up to as many different companies as possible.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Survey Head " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • I know that iPoll is not a scam. I've been doing SurveyHead/iPoll surveys for years and (although it took a long time), I have accumulated $425.00 in rewards. Normally, I get the rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards in $25 increments. Does it take time? Sure. But I answer honestly. Do I not qualify for many surveys? Sure, but I'm 72 years old and a lot of companies don't care about my age group. Does it take long for the gift cards to show up? Yes - about 5 weeks. Not a scam, but you need to be patient.
  • This site is terrible. At first it sounded great. I took a few surveys with the iphone app thinking I would get a nice pay out. I followed the directions and gave my honest answers. After waiting about two months my surveys were marked as invalid. Whether Ipoll or another company disqualifies your surveys it does not matter. The fact that Ipoll allows companies who unfairly disqualify people to operate on their site still causes unhappy customers and still earns them a DREADFUL rating....If they were truly a good company they'd remove them from their site.
  • I picked survey head after I read reviews and decided to give it a try. The site make me think that they are not scam site. I have done bunch of survey for them. Sometimes I'm unhappy because wash out at the end of survey, sometimes I finished it then didn't see credit. I ask the customer service they said they could not find my answer for the survey. Oh, what a waste of time! But I still hope I can trust them.

    I look for their Facebook but look like nothing here. Some people comments but survey head didn't feed back or do anything. I was wonder maybe they was serious about building a contact with responder. But I still hope that I can trust them.

    Now, after more than 3 months be with them, I haven't received my first payment yet and saw a red mark invalid survey in my history survey. I wonder any chance that I will not receive my payment, get lock or some other people???

    I hope SH know what I say here and make some change to be a better website.
    • If they have not paid you after MONTHS, what makes you think they are at all fair? YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME AND DOING FREE SURVEYS.Basically, that's what happens when you don't get credit or kicked out after completion. I do surveys all the time. Do your research before wasting time you could be getting pocket change for
  • WORST WEBSITE EVER! I made enough money to get a starbucks ecard, and when I got it, they deleted my account. I asked them to return my account, but they said they never even had that account. I remember perfectly I did, but they said no. DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE! I SPENT MANY HOURS DOING THE SURVEYS AND ALL I GOT WAS NOTHING!
  • Hi, This is one of the most terrible sites which neither allows you earn nor to ignore this site .It has been almost 2 months that i have joined this survey company and i had never ever receieved any single survey.After all i have nothing to do with but when my friends asked about this i suggested them not to get registered with useless site.
  • Watch Out!

    I have had an account at SurveyHead for close to a year. They will suspend your account without any warning or justification. You will find that you will no longer get any surveys on your dashboard. When you contact them all they will do is reference a violation of their terms but give you no specific reason for your account being suspended.

    I have $63 in my account which I will fight for through the BBB, attorney general, and FTC as well as let everyone know exactly how they operate.

    My advice is to be very, very careful as you may have your account banned for no specific reason and your out your time and compensation.
    • Here is an updated partial email I recieved in response to my complaint to SurveyHead. Please read this as it basically states that they can and will close your account at will with no explanation needed and this statement was highlighted by them in yellow in my email(United Sample is the parent company of SurveyHead in case you didn't know that):

      United Sample may, in its sole discretion, and at any time, discontinue the Services or any part thereof, with or without notice, or may prevent your use of the Services with or without notice to you. You agree that you do not have any rights in the Services and that United Sample will have no liability to you if the Services is discontinued or your ability to access the Services or any content you may have posted on the Services is terminated.
    • Same thing happened. Was due to receive my cashout (it was actually several days late, and already confirmed). Account suspended and their response says it was due to a violation of their terms. Not happy!!! I've been a member for a couple of years.
    • Great! That's what's been going on for a couple of days now. I just cashed out about 2 weeks ago and was waiting on a payment but noticed I haven't been getting surveys in my email or on my dashboard. I got paid once before a few months ago but it took forever. I am so bummed. I wonder if I'll get that $35 I cashed out or not. :(
  • Garbage site. They don't pay you anything over $3 and it takes 2 months to get a reward. They really don't care about customers. Join opinionoutpost. They pay you immeduatly upon request and it doesn't take a lot to cash out.
  • Besides the fact that you rarely if ever qualify for the surveys they pick for you. They have recently increased their payout time from 3-4 weeks to 4-6 weeks. So first you have to wait sometimes 2 months for the survey to confirm that you did it you now have to wait an additional 2 weeks for them to confirm your payment and then 6-7 days to get you your money this is ridiculous. Most companies can get you your money within a couple weeks after the request. Its possible that you can take surveys and not get paid 3-4 months later. They also keep raising the threshold for requesting your reward. These people really seem that they want you to get frustrated and quit without your money.
    • What you say is true, I have been a surveyhead member for almost 2 years..used to qualify alot, and get paid very quickly at first.. then slowly I don't know what happened to this site--its all gone to crap..I have been waiting 2 months now after i requested thier NEW minimun payment..third month and counting..hehehe:) They went downhill--they 'used to be ' legit. Perhaps they will fix the problem? but i doubt it.
  • Its ok and they are legitimate (I've cashed out for over $150 so far), but know what you are getting into. I have filled out all the profiles and still I only qualify for about 1 out of every 10 surveys, and it is not uncommon to be 10 minutes into the survey before you are eliminated. Surveyhead is a consolidator of other company's surveys so it is not their fault, but it is irritating. It is interesting that they only ask how you like the surveys when you complete one because they'd get quite a different answer from me if they asked it every time. I primarily answer surveys when I'm watching a ball game or something like that so it is ok I probably only average about $1 an hour. It is what it is - just go into it with your eyes open. You will not get rich, but I'll be able to buy my wife a decent Christmas present.
  • Belonged to this site. All was going well. Not a lot of surveys but accessed site consistently. Then, all of a sudden, I was blocked from the site for "inconsistencies". I've tried many, many times to get answers but to no avail. There is no recourse or explanations. Any money I accumulated is also inaccessible to me. M very frustrated and dissatisfied with their practices and lack of communication. I never was blocked from a site beforehand - never!
    • The same thing happened to me. They would only tell me I didn't give quality answers. I had earned 42.90 to this point. I don't get any surveys and can't get my money. In my opinion they are a big rip-off.
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