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Survey Revenue System is a new website that promises to give you the tips and tricks necessary to earn a large salary – up to $5000 a month – simply by participating in various market research activities. These activities range from the standard paid survey to focus groups to previewing movie trailers.

Participating in market research studies is one of the oldest and most popular ways to earn a supplemental income online. Unfortunately, many people quickly learn that to make money taking surveys is one of the lowest paying ways to earn money online, which is why it usually best serves people simply looking to make some extra money on top of their day job.

Survey Revenue System, however, claims that you can replace your day job by working one to two hours a day doing market research studies. They claim you will be paid between $10-$75 for every survey, $45-$120 per hour for a focus group, and $12-$35 for watching movie trailers and answering questions.

All you have to do is pay $69.00 – or $34.00 with their current discount coupon – and they’ll begin teaching you how to make a living with their Paid Surveys Revenue System.

Is the Paid Surveys Revenue System Legit?

When evaluating market research opportunities online, there is generally one question that determines whether or not a service is legitimate: is it free? Obviously, this service is not free, so the answer is, unfortunately, “No.”

Though Survey Revenue System tries to say that they will give you the necessary guidance and one-on-one training to understand how to achieve success in this business, the truth is that market research is an essentially exhausted subject online. Many, many websites (including this one) have completely free guides and strategies to earning money with market research companies, as well as links to those companies with the most reliable payment systems.

In addition, if you read the Terms and Conditions, you will see that enrolling with Survey Revenue System automatically gives them permission to distribute your information to Simply Click to Profit and their partners in order to contact you. Simply Click to Profit is another website that tries to convince you to pay money for a business opportunity that is generally free: auction listing.

Finally, the refund policy at requires you to submit proof that you attempted to use the system and were unable to earn any money at all. Only if a Survey Revenue System employee determines that you followed all procedures appropriately and yet earned $0, will your refund be approved.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Paid Surveys Revenue System " is 1.2 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • When I tried to get on the survey web site . I was put on a site called brainhost and they said I could build my own website with their help.It cost me 250.00.Is this a scam as well?
  • Thank you for your stories. I almost signed up myself.
  • Im so happy that I read these reviews, I was just about to join when I decided to wait for a day or two. When I attempted to exit the site it started reducing the membership rates two fold and then it was extremely hard to exit the site, seemed very strange to me. Thus at that point I decided to do more research and low and be hold the truth is right here. Thank You All!!!
  • When I was trying to log in (after signing up) FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, it never let me even complete that process! I should have listened to my gut at that time, when it kept lowering the additional VIP membership fee (AFTER you pay the initial $24) by huge cuts at a time, when you clicked "no", and I had clicked no 2 times, but it was so insistent, with a warning type of voice that you would "miss out forever and regret it forever" (oh,brother!) that I finally said yes to them charging me an extra $17, down from the first offer of $69! That strange lowering of the membership by huge amounts at a time, combined with the all-of-a-sudden spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, when previous to that, the article had been pretty well-written, should have made me stop, but you know how you can be when you really want something to be legitimate......well, they know how you feel, too, and that is exactly what they are "banking" on!! (literally!).

    PS A rating of 1 does not mean it was a little bit good; rather it means "dreadful"! I would agree! ...well, they will get theirs! It always comes back to you, although I don't like the fact that they exploit this exact knowledge by quoting from the positive thinking book by Rhonda Byrnes titled The Secret, to try to get you to buy! I am confident that Rhonda Byrnes did not intend for her book to be used to get an unfair advantage over anyone at any time! Shame on them!

    PPS Thanks, Shawn, fir the warning on trying to recoup your investment, and that even trying to do this is futile! Next time I say, "Go with your gut"!
  • To make a long story short: I dialed this number, operator said it would cost $24.00. I was confused from the start!.. I have gotten at least 15 phone calls from rude people wanting me to pay $200., $300.,and put on MY credit card, to get Me into a business!!! When I would ask questions, these people wouldn't say a thing!!! I've had telemarketers call my number, listen, then hang up. Bad experience. Don't do it. Don't sign up!!Crooks are everywhere, ready to take YOUR money,
  • Don't be foolish enough to sign up, I was unfortunately!!! Still trying to recoup just the $34 sign up fee it cost me, after over a month and probably 50+ hours of sifting thru the BS! Rarely will you see a legitimate survey offer. If you do, will make approx 50 cents for 1/2 hour of work (provided you ACTUALLY qualify for the survey). Long story short - They are just looking for more of your money, as any offer to make legitimate money requires you buying something for twice the cost first!!! Any don't even get me started on the absolutely endless advertising emails that will be coming your way...

    Once I actually earn back my membership fee (honestly questionable if I really EVER will), will immediately boycot this scam!!!!!

    Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So far I have made close to nothing, nine dollars and 68 cents, to be exact.....I should have known better =(
    • I've made a whopping $11.68 in almost 5 weeks. Yippee!!!

      Justed want to cut my losses and cash out...But you have to earn a minimum $50.00 to request payment (which also happens to take up to 60 days to actually process).

      I just MIGHT make my membership fee back by 2013, we'll see...

      What a joke!!!!!
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