Survey Rewardz Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 19 reviews Review It is the online home for Survey Rewardz, a website which promises to provide people with a way to make money from the comfort of their own home using online market research.

Online market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways of earning money using the internet, because most people believe that earning money this way is just as simple as giving your opinion on products or services you’ve already tried.

The website says that creating an account and getting started with them should take only about five minutes, and includes filling out a form with information like your age, educational level, marriage status, parental status, regional information and more.

How Does It Work?

First, Survey Rewardz provides almost no information whatsoever on their website about how their particular membership program works, leaving all relevant information about the type of surveys you will take and the way you will be compensated until after you have signed up for your account.

That being said, it appears that this company works like any other market research company, in that it partners with a variety of companies that are interested in feedback from specific target markets.

If the market they are interested in includes your demographics, you will be alerted to survey invitations that you are eligible for whenever you sign into your account on their website. They choose not to email these invitations directly to you, as some people complain that the invitations build up too quickly and can be overwhelming.

The website offers their members surveys that pay between $0.50 and $10.00, and that their members will be able to withdraw as little as $1.00 to their PayPal account and $5.00 in available gift cards.

Is Survey Rewardz Legit?

It is very frustrating that this company provides so little information to their members until they have already registered for an account and provided their demographic information.

This is beneficial to the company and not to the member, because they can use your information as a member to tell their partner companies that they have X number of members with certain demographics without ever knowing whether or not you will actually use their services to fill out surveys.

However, even though their methods are clearly being used to inflate their numbers in order to make them look attractive to potential partners, the bottom line for their members is that they are a free market research service that offers low minimum withdrawals for their members. As long as they honor their compensation promises, that’s really all that should matter to prospective members.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Survey Rewardz Reviews " is 1.89 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • I would like to do this paid surveys how do you do it and where to find the page? thanks.
  • Surveyrewards is a total waste of time. You will make more money walking around the mall parking lot picking up change, and that makes net you will actually see. I did surveys for about a month and then all of a sudden they block my account tells no me I have software on my Pc that I need to remove. Who are they to tell someone what they are allowed to have on their own computer, especially when that program is making you a heck of a lot more money than surveyrewards. I removed the software so I could cash out and now they are asking me to prove who I am..wanting me to send them copies of bank statements and bills..hell no. They can keep their money since they seem he’ll bent on making it impossible for you to collect.
  • Either you never qualify for surveys or are never paid, or they don't pay the full amount promised. Took a thirty minute long survey and had to give permission to use my webcam. It took over thirty minutes and only received sixty measly cents to use my image, surrender personal information, and the time it took to take the survey. This pay is below sweatshop wages. Sad we are offered change while they make paper cash from our effort. Not worth it.
  • Its been a whole week and I still haven't got my paypal cashout
  • I have been trying to get my $5 since Feb 12. I've emailed them regarding this matter on Feb 24, Mar 10, Mar 23, Apr 2 and on Apr 11 they said they were sending another check! It's now May 6 and no check. I'll email again, but I have a feeling I still won't receive my $5.
    • Hi I've got the same problem I'm owed a £30 Amazon voucher says approved but not received it been 2 weeks now they have blocked my account won't reply to my tickets awful company
  • Hello, 2 days ago I received a message telling me that my account is blocked due to use of proxy; now extra $15 were added to my account out of nowhere (now I have $30) , I feel like I'm getting scammed intentionally. So I want to know exactly why is surveyrewardz telling me that I'm using a proxy I never go to public places like schools or libraries; I only log into my computer and once just once loged with my phone and according to the Terms of Use phones are allowed, with all respect I should not be banned, I'm trying giving my best opinions in surveys and thinking hard to give quality answers and this is how I get paid. I only got 1 computer directly connected to a router like everybody else, like a normal person, is a router prohibited, is it proxy? I don't understand what's going on with this proxy issue. Please help me, I really don't know what to expect.
  • Cashed out small amounts up to $2 with no problem (though it took nearly 3 days to get the money). When I tried to cash out $4 it took a week and after I finally got the money I now seem to be barred from the site with no reason whatsoever. Disgusting scam and a total waste of time. Avoid!
  • totally scam! I earned 5.99 and asked to withdraw , suddenly my account was blocked! tons of survey and NO money back..don't waste your time
  • I cast out one time for $1 to see will it pay out and it paid out the $1 and now I'm trying to cash out the $9 and send me an email saying that my account is blocked that I've been taking surveys through a library or university college which is false I knew it was a catch to it when they said that done with this site I don't go to college or I don't even go to the library makes no sense poor excuse I do surveys on my labtop I have no time to be wasting and emailing someone is not getting back to me scam people leave it alone and move on
    • Hello,

      We are sorry that you experienced this type of issue. Occasionally accounts can be flagged for minor issues such as distance or mild proxy flags (Which are automatic) and might just be caused by your ISP randomly. We will lift these blocks upon review of the account if they are non-intentional.

      If you contact our support team we will look at the account and get your funds available to you,

      Kind Regards,
  • I've been on Survey Rewardz for about a month now. While they do allow you to cash out quickly, it is really hard to qualify for their surveys. And if you make any sort of mistake on the website, they will block you and it will take longer to get paid if you had withdrawn in that time frame. It seems like the first time you withdraw you get approved/Denied rather quickly (particularly if this is done during the week). But after a while (especially when done over the weekend) it will take forever for you to cash out and if your account was blocked for a while, you will really have to wait. The quality score seems useless most of the time because it doesn't make payments come faster nor does it allow you to qualify for surveys. So its useless. I think that Survey Rewardz is good for a person's first time with survey websites.

    I like that you can withdraw without having to wait, but I do wish they were true to their word that a person will get approved or denied within 2 business days. I withdrew last week and I still have the "ready to be paid" status.
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