Survey Rewardz Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 12 reviews Review It is the online home for Survey Rewardz, a website which promises to provide people with a way to make money from the comfort of their own home using online market research.

Online market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways of earning money using the internet, because most people believe that earning money this way is just as simple as giving your opinion on products or services you’ve already tried.

The website says that creating an account and getting started with them should take only about five minutes, and includes filling out a form with information like your age, educational level, marriage status, parental status, regional information and more.

How Does It Work?

First, Survey Rewardz provides almost no information whatsoever on their website about how their particular membership program works, leaving all relevant information about the type of surveys you will take and the way you will be compensated until after you have signed up for your account.

That being said, it appears that this company works like any other market research company, in that it partners with a variety of companies that are interested in feedback from specific target markets.

If the market they are interested in includes your demographics, you will be alerted to survey invitations that you are eligible for whenever you sign into your account on their website. They choose not to email these invitations directly to you, as some people complain that the invitations build up too quickly and can be overwhelming.

The website offers their members surveys that pay between $0.50 and $10.00, and that their members will be able to withdraw as little as $1.00 to their PayPal account and $5.00 in available gift cards.

Is Survey Rewardz Legit?

It is very frustrating that this company provides so little information to their members until they have already registered for an account and provided their demographic information.

This is beneficial to the company and not to the member, because they can use your information as a member to tell their partner companies that they have X number of members with certain demographics without ever knowing whether or not you will actually use their services to fill out surveys.

However, even though their methods are clearly being used to inflate their numbers in order to make them look attractive to potential partners, the bottom line for their members is that they are a free market research service that offers low minimum withdrawals for their members. As long as they honor their compensation promises, that’s really all that should matter to prospective members.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Survey Rewardz Reviews " is 2.17 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • I cast out one time for $1 to see will it pay out and it paid out the $1 and now I'm trying to cash out the $9 and send me an email saying that my account is blocked that I've been taking surveys through a library or university college which is false I knew it was a catch to it when they said that done with this site I don't go to college or I don't even go to the library makes no sense poor excuse I do surveys on my labtop I have no time to be wasting and emailing someone is not getting back to me scam people leave it alone and move on
  • I've been on Survey Rewardz for about a month now. While they do allow you to cash out quickly, it is really hard to qualify for their surveys. And if you make any sort of mistake on the website, they will block you and it will take longer to get paid if you had withdrawn in that time frame. It seems like the first time you withdraw you get approved/Denied rather quickly (particularly if this is done during the week). But after a while (especially when done over the weekend) it will take forever for you to cash out and if your account was blocked for a while, you will really have to wait. The quality score seems useless most of the time because it doesn't make payments come faster nor does it allow you to qualify for surveys. So its useless. I think that Survey Rewardz is good for a person's first time with survey websites.

    I like that you can withdraw without having to wait, but I do wish they were true to their word that a person will get approved or denied within 2 business days. I withdrew last week and I still have the "ready to be paid" status.
  • Don't buy into that 3-5 days to get your $. Been 9 days since I cashed out one of them and still haven't gotten paid.
  • I value my time..If a site is worthy enough I let everyone know..If it is not,I do the same..I am a proud member of survey police and rip=off report and have no trouble whatsoever in turning the illegimate ones into every agency that will listen..Be it ftc or anyone else..Each program is situated in a state somewhere and should be reported to authorities in that given state as well as the BBB if they fail to do things right..Post it everywhere and make the public scared to signup with them.Equally,they should be commended when they treat members honestly and fairly..Its like this for me..If I went to a bricks and mortor place and gave them my time and services and they just said-nah,sorry were not payin for it but well keep all you gave us anyways,Id turn them in.Wouldnt you?If you ran a restuarant and someone came in and ate a huge meal and then said-nah,I aint payin and walks out..What would you do?..Exactly..Internet programs are no different.Surveyrewardz havent been bad..Of course Im new to doing them but they did cash me out recently and I cant complain.
  • Same issues as many of the others have encountered. I earned $40 in surveys over about a month and as soon as I went to withdraw, my account was frozen and according to an open ticket I am completing surveys too quickly and with random answers. I informed them that that could not be the case, I have a high quality rating and was paid out from all of the surveys I completed. If you get bumped off a survey or do it too fast they won't credit it to you so I know I have taken my time and truthfully answered these. I was just trying to make a little extra money at the holidays but this was a COMPLETE waste of time. They will come up with any excuse as to why they don't have to pay you when you want to withdraw. I'm so angry I completed surveys for them now!
  • Well, an update to my previous post. 5 days later I still haven't received a dime. Still says waiting to be paid but the $6.54 has yet to be deposited into my Pay Pal account. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SITE!!!
  • Well, I just started using this site a few days ago. I requested a payout yesterday and it says "ready to be paid" in green now. I hope I am able to get paid since I have ready some bad reviews about it on here. Going to wait until I receive the money in my Paypal account, then I will be back to do more surveys.
  • I have been a member for a little over a week and I have made 3 withdrawals which have all been paid through my PayPal account. I had seen some bad reviews about not getting paid so I submitted a ticket asking how long it should take and I was answered within 2 days and it took 3 to 5 days for each withdrawal to be paid which is the time it states on the website so I'm very happy with this site.
  • Well I finally got paid but not till after leaving bad feedback on another review site such as this one...this site is terrible...they totally ignore support tickets taking up to 8 days it says to respond...and its not like they have tons to do because it appears they have little people using the not a lot of info online about it and that is why I am posting a feedback here as well as other review sites.....I joined them through another legit site I use called Offernation....which pays out instantly the second you cash out to your paypal.....I earned like $2 for joining through Offernation on that site just for sign I think its legit since I been using Offernation for years....problem started when I earned a little over $5 in the first hour after joining and tried to cash on out to my paypal...the site terms says it takes 2 business days to took more like 10 days to process as they claimed when I finally heard back they had to verify my paypal even though its already a verified account....they also used crap like they had to make sure I was who I said I was which I mean legit sites do that I work through several but it has never taken weeks for any site to comfirm who I was and all...Clixsense did it with a check my first cash out..Offernation did it in like an hour or so...what is this sites problem ....scam seems like....after I posted the same kind of feedback on another review site last week ...suddenly a few days later I get an email saying they had finally approved my payment to my paypal account and then I had another email asking me to please refer all my friends to their site...well sure enough it did hit my I decided to check out the site now and then when I had did all survey offers I could for the day on my other survey rewards sites...and figured if I earned anymore to just know it would take lke 10 to 15 days to ever get paid ....but when I tried to log into my account does log me in...but it logs me in to a message now that says WELCOME BITCH all in caps like will not let me click on or access any other page accept the sites home page with that message Welcome Bitch.......after seeing that I figured they paid me and then blocked me from using site because of the feedback I left in review over them not paying or answering me for so long....well the day after that I happened to notice I had an email from the site.....and it had a sassy little message thanking me for all my kind remarks I had made and that they knew I had left them bad feedback because the review site I left it on my account was the same email as my account on their they wanted me to know that out of appreaction for my comments about them they had a surprise waiting for me when I logged into my account......I am positive that the surprise was it was blocked as well as the message welcome bitch.....I have also noticed on other review pages that tons of people have had trouble either never getting paid or still pending as long as a month and still waiting on account verification....they will give you every excuse they can to hold you earnings and then the only way I ever got paid at all was by bashing them in a review site similar to thsi...once I bashed them with poor reviews I got paid...but this site I dont see being a truly successful site very long as they are starting to get a a long history online of members and former members not getting paid at all or having to complain and complain to ever even get a response back on a support ticket....I am aware the only reason I got paid is because the other site I complained about them on is the kind of site that contacts web sites on their members behalf to try and put a stop to scam sites and help people get paid if they can....SurveyRewardz is also like a knock off of Your Surveys...same site system setup..they look identical with only the name different...and the only difference is Your Surveys the legit site that offers surveys through tons of other sites and offer walls they pay instant....Survey Rewardz however you need an act of God almost to get paid or even get a response on a ticket question...their are at least 100 better by far legit sites that pay for real and faster out their to take surveys through...screw these guys..they want to hold your earnings forever and gibve lame excuses about processing time so on and verificayion of account and it doesnt take years to do that when other legit sites can do it in hours at most
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