SurveyCompare Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 3 reviews Review It is the online home of SurveyCompare, a company which describes their goal as finding the most trusted, fairest, paid survey companies out there and bring them together in a single service.

According to their website, they bring all these trustworthy survey companies together so you can easily access them and sign up to use multiple sites at one time, and they do it completely for – they say you will never be asked to pay a single penny.

What to Know

Online paid surveys is one of the oldest ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, but SurveyCompare states that people looking to make money in this industry should be careful of extravagant claims about the amounts of money you will make.

They say that while they are offering people the ability to earn money with online surveys, they are only offering a chance to earn “spending money” because online surveys are not really a lucrative opportunity.

In addition, they say that any company that makes claims about extravagant amounts of money that you can earn from their surveys should be avoided, as they are likely dishonest and untrustworthy.

Does It Work?

There are many people who do earn money with this method, but SurveyCompare isn’t wrong – first, you should never believe a company which makes extravagant earnings claims, and second, you should never have to pay to sign up with a real market research company.

Many of the companies referenced by SurveyCompare are well established, like Toluna, Pinecone Research, Inbox Pounds, and more. But once you leave SurveyCompare, you are responsible for your own actions, so its up to you to make sure that you never agree to pay an outside company for survey access, even if you have been sent to them from their website.

Customers who have any complaints or issues with the surveys they are receiving can unsubscribe to the service at any point, and since you won’t be paying for any subscriptions, you won’t have to worry about any negative impact.

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