Sutherland CloudSource Work at Home – Legit or Scam?
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Sutherland CloudSource Work at Home, found online at, is a company that provides people with a real work at home opportunity, representing various companies as a call center employee.

Their website says that when today’s customers want help from Customer Service, they expect expertise and credibility from the people that are helping them. But depending on the type of business, experts are not always available in your local area.

This is where Sutherland CloudSource comes in. They are able to scan the nation and the globe to find people with different areas of expertise and who are interested in either part time or full time work from home.

How It Works

According to their website, at this time they are providing both Full Time and Part Time opportunities, though most of their clients are hiring on a part time schedule because it provides flexibility to everyone involved.

This means that most of their jobs require 20-25 hours per week, with the option to take on more hours if you want more. That being said, their employees will have the opportunity to set their own hours and build their own schedule.

Having the ability to set your schedule is useful for all of their employees, because it means that excellent workers will not be disqualified from their employment due to issues with availability. Students will able to work around class schedules and stay at home parents will be able to work while the kids are in school.

In addition, this company says that they provide their customers with paid incentives for their good performance. They pay a competitive base wage, quoted by other websites as being between $10 and $12 per hour to begin with, and all top performers will achieve additional monthly incentive pay.

This pay structure benefits both their clients, who are looking to outsource the best quality call center employees, as well as their employees who deserve to earn bonuses if they are performing well.

Is It Legit?

At this time, it does appear that this opportunity is a legitimate work at home option for people who are interested in a telecommuting job. This company doesn’t claim that they will hire everyone, or that the people they hire will become rich.

The truth is that like any other job opportunity, they only have certain positions open at certain times and people must apply and be evaluated before they can be hired and paired with one of their client companies.

It seems as though this company is providing very decent work at home opportunities for people who have reliable at home computer and internet connections, and who are able to purchase a headset that meets this company’s requirements, many of which can be found for under $50.

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