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Established in 1986 in Rochester, NY, Sutherland Global Services describes themselves as one of the world’s largest independent outsourcing companies focusing on business processes and technology management services.

According to their website, they employ over 30,000 professionals in more than 40 operation and business centers in over 13 different countries all over the world. Sutherland Global says their one goal is to help their clients maximize customer lifetime value.

Sutherland also has a large workforce that works from home using their Sutherland Virtual Workplace. This virtual workforce allows them to provide their customers with an “upscale, high quality, flexible work at home business model to enhance their existing outsourcing strategies.”

[email protected]

[email protected] is what this company calls their at home workforce. There is a variety of different positions they offer to their remote employees, including Technical Support, Customer Service, Back Office, Inside Sales, and Management and Supervisory positions.

Sutherland Global Services’ work at home employees are not independent contractors, like at many other companies that employ remote workers. Instead, you are considered a direct hire employee.

What This Means to You

Direct hire employees that are full time will have access to complete benefits, just like any other employee of the company, while part time employees are offered a basic 401k. However, since you are not a contracted employee, if you are hired for [email protected] either full time or part time, you will not be able to work as a telecommuter for any other company.

In addition, as a direct hire employee, if you accept a position you will be offered paid training. Taking part in this paid training does not obligate you to work for Sutherland Global for any length of time – if, after training, you decide this job isn’t for you, you can decline the position.

People who are interested in working for their Virtual Workforce must send their resumes to in response to a specific position in order to be considered. Unsolicited resumes will not be accepted.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Sutherland Global Services " is 1.8 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
  • They have asked me for a photo and I put my address and information on the application when I sent it to them. Should I be worried because I gave my information out?
  • I actually went against my better judgment because they didn't contact me, the job was posted on Facebook and gave a whats app number and a manager name, marcelo wilson with a hiring code. I went through a text interview that seemed very legit never asked for money and never offered me a check so I fell for it, and the sad the thing is I am going through a divorce my husband is leaving with another woman... I have been a stay at home mom for 18 yrs and I'm trying to get a job that I can support my kids with and who ever it was played me. I don't understand how people could be so cruel.
    • The scammers are now trying trojan programs. Pretty sure I accidentally installed a keylogger or something when I was invited to download and ran their "Isp/PC hardware test" and cancelled it a few seconds in following my gut and emailed the company directly. Got nothing back. so my gut was right.

      Honestly if they don't just ask for a dxdiag.txt (a notepad file generated with all of your system specs that is literally a 5 second process max) and the results from an ISP speed test. (there are multiple legit sites online that do that and even steam does them.) They are most likely a scam.

      Now I have to run my antivirus because it's not detecting anything after full scanning. Is my PC safe? It's a good thing I don't store financial info or anything important on that PC.
    • What happened? What was the cruel part?
  • Pretty sure the at home position is a scam. Or at lest the people doing my “interview” are scammers. Everything that has been said here with the sketchy interviewers and sensitive account information has all happened to me as well. Very unhappy.
    • I literally had this same exact thing happen to me. I asked them why the company 'didn't' have a linkedin (the actual Sutherland does have a linkedin) and they told me the profile is still in development. Meanwhile, I was looking at the actual Sutherland page with the names of employees and everything.

      Plus their grammar is pretty bad. They are not very good scammers lol
    • At home position is not a scam. But there are people claiming to be Sutherland that aren't. My husband worked in office for a couple years and then got to be work at home for the last 2+ years.

      If they talk about sending you money for equipment, it's not Sutherland. They do NOT pay for a computer or anything to work from home.
    • Working at home position is not a scam. My husband has been working from home for Sutherland for about 2 years now. BUT there are scammers out there claiming to be from Sutherland that are using the interview to get your personal information.
  • Today received an email regarding this company Sutherland Global Services and I had a interview through google hangouts via email, never heard of this process before and as I went through the interviewing process, I was very Leary and then after the initial interview they confirmed I was hired and they wanted to send me a check via FedEx for deposit through the ATM and as I advised that I work for a bank and I did not feel comfortable with the process due numerous customers being scammed that way and he stated again it was for me to purchase equipment needed for the job. I asked the interviewer why can't they send the necessary equipment needed for the job instead of sending me a check to purchase, he could not give me a clear answer and then he messaged me the same information again the same exact way. I graciously declined the offer and explained that I'm not comfortable with this process and he asked why not? and I explained to him again and then he got very hostile with and stated his company is legit and I explained again to him again I wasn't interested and to have a good day. Yes when you get a uneasy feeling about something it is normally the correct feeling.

    On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, 12:18:52 PM EDT, jolly fred wrote:

    Dear Applicant,

    Our HR Dept has reviewed your resume published for an ( Administrative Assistant/ Customer Service Rep. Candidate. ). Your resume has been reviewed and you have been shortlisted for the next step.

    We are pleased to invite you to an Online Interview for the position.. You are required to contact the Personnel Manager Mr. peter smith He will brief you more concerning the position and company.

    This is an immediate hire. Therefore, The interview will be conducted Online via Google Hangouts. You are needed to install/download Google Hangouts APP on your PC or Phone . Once done, you are to invite him on Google Hangouts. His Gmail ID is ([email protected]

    ) You can as well send him an email address on( [email protected]

    ) in regards to the Online interview.

    Your Verification/Hiring code is "HRP7KR5S", this would serve as your identification code through out the online hiring process.

    Your swift response matters a lot in this position. Email [email protected]

    if you are having any problem adding him on Google Hangouts .

    We look forward in working with you as a team. I wish you Good Luck on the interview...


    Mr. Peter smith
    • I received the same email except with Telegram Chat. I believed for a whole day and then something just didn’t sit well with me, I had to decline he wanted me to set up cash’s for Bitcoin.
  • Got recent fraudulent email as below.

    Red flags:

    1. I had never applied to their job before!

    2. No company pays $30/hr for new customer service rep

    3. No company will do video interview for such positions without a resume, questionnaire or some sort of preliminary assessment.

    4. Email comes from a Gmail account. Which employer will run a sizable business and not have their own email domain?

    5. Company name keeps changing in different sections. A. Schulman Company to Sutherland Global Services!



    Michael Lavelle

    1:25 PM (5 hours ago)

    to bcc: me

    Dear Applicant

    Welcome to (A. Schulman Company), Our recruitment team viewed your resume Customer Service Representative/ Call Center Representative Part Time/Full Time and we are pleased with your qualifications, we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.

    You have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the position offerred. You are required to set up a Skype Account ( and download the app from the app store i.e for smart phone and for PC .

    After this process, you are to add Mr Peter Johnson on Skype, his SKYPE ID is [email protected]) or add him on google hangouts at([email protected]) add to your buddy list now. he would be online waiting to talk to you by Asap, If you have any problem in setting them up, you can email him on ([email protected]).

    Your verification code is BBRU6894, this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot.

    We look forward to having you on the team.

    Interview Scheduled : Online.

    Time: Asap


    Venue: Online Skype or Google hangouts

    Training is Available

    Hours available: 30-40hrs/Weekly

    Pay rate: $30.06 per Hour

    Human Resources

    Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position.

    Best Regard :

    Yours Truly,

    Hiring Manager


    A. Schulman Company.

    www.Sutherland Global
    • Oh my god this is the same email I’ve got for the position of customer support, this is indeed scamming. They asked me to send my localisation from Skype which I did.

      Fortunately they did not follow up since am pretty sure they saw that I live in a 1/3 world country so they judge I was not a worthy catch.

      Testimony like this one are really helpful for desperate people looking for a job.

      Please be careful, and always second guess offers that are straight very generous and easy onboarding.

    • I’m being interviewed by WhatsApp this person told me to send money through Zelle and I bought 2 apple gift card now he wants me to buy $1200 dollars in more Apple Card’s for the equipment that I need is this legit
    • Has anyone actually gotten paid through this company for any services they've provided?
  • This place isn't legit. I got a text message on a Saturday morning before 9am ( first red flag) asking me if I was interested in a customer service position. I told him to send me an email confirming the position and location in which he told me that everything was thru Google hang out and asked me for my Gmail email. I informed him I was in the middle of something and would get back to him. I started to research the company and couldn't get an understanding of what they did. I decided not to respond back. On Sunday morning he texted me again asking me if I'm still interested (another red flag) it's not normal to receive text messages on the weekend not even during business hours regarding business opportunities. Once I said no thank you he never responded again. They must be searching thru job searching websites to get people's info from their resumes. This guy a knew my first and last name and the way the texts were written didn't seem right either. Be aware everyone!
  • During the interview process they said my Office 2016 was oudated, wanted me to have Windows XP instead of Windows 8. Then

    they would send me a cashier's check to purchase software, (2014 Peachtree), and instructed me to hold it 24 hrs. exactly before making my purchase? I said I wasn't comfortable with that, why couldn't I just buy it and they reimburse me or send me a download link? They hung up on me at that point. SCAM TO ME.
  • So this is a scam
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