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Established in 1986 in Rochester, NY, Sutherland Global Services describes themselves as one of the world’s largest independent outsourcing companies focusing on business processes and technology management services.

According to their website, they employ over 30,000 professionals in more than 40 operation and business centers in over 13 different countries all over the world. Sutherland Global says their one goal is to help their clients maximize customer lifetime value.

Sutherland also has a large workforce that works from home using their Sutherland Virtual Workplace. This virtual workforce allows them to provide their customers with an “upscale, high quality, flexible work at home business model to enhance their existing outsourcing strategies.”


Sutherland@Home is what this company calls their at home workforce. There is a variety of different positions they offer to their remote employees, including Technical Support, Customer Service, Back Office, Inside Sales, and Management and Supervisory positions.

Sutherland Global Services’ work at home employees are not independent contractors, like at many other companies that employ remote workers. Instead, you are considered a direct hire employee.

What This Means to You

Direct hire employees that are full time will have access to complete benefits, just like any other employee of the company, while part time employees are offered a basic 401k. However, since you are not a contracted employee, if you are hired for Sutherland@Home either full time or part time, you will not be able to work as a telecommuter for any other company.

In addition, as a direct hire employee, if you accept a position you will be offered paid training. Taking part in this paid training does not obligate you to work for Sutherland Global for any length of time – if, after training, you decide this job isn’t for you, you can decline the position.

People who are interested in working for their Virtual Workforce must send their resumes to in response to a specific position in order to be considered. Unsolicited resumes will not be accepted.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Sutherland Global Services " is 1.75 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • Marvelous, what are some survey sites that actually pay a blog it is!

    This web site provides valuable inforemation tto us, keep

    it up.
  • SCAM!!!!! They offered me an at-home job and wanted to send me a check to purchase software and equipment. They went through an actual online interview process that seemed a bit shady too. Without meeting anyone physically, filling out W2, or an offer/acceptance letter, they emailed me an official check for $2950 and kept telling me to specifically deposit through my mobile app. I went to the bank where the check was issued from and immediately was told it was a fraudulent check. It takes about 24-48 to validate the check via phone verification which is why they demand you deposit the check ASAP. He will not respond to my emails anymore and the website is temp down now. Police report will be filed and will be posting on every website possible about these fools. They are targeting military veterans too.
    • They offered me $5950 lol. What a waste of a full day communicating with these scammers.
    • Wow. I'm glad I didn't get very far with my interview. The guy I'm talking to right now is named Samual Anthony claiming to be an HR hiring manager from sutherland global services and cloud sourcing too. I am told he will email me a check for ALL materials needed for my position as a customer service telecommuncator, such as buying my apple laptop and all software needed will be purchased for the position. After an extensive 2hr interview on Google Hangouts, He finally asked about my banking type and can I make mobile app deppsits too. SCAM PLP!! I got too many red flags talking to this space junky about my job position and everything is paid for yet I've never had to go so far in an interview for anotger person to ask all about my banking concepts and procedures. DONT FALL FOR IT!!
    • Yes I am a bit concerned as well. They want me to send all off my sensitive account information over to them. Never had a job like this before and it's making me want to back out
    • Is the person Darin C Wright? I thought the whole process was a bit strange. I got a check via federal express and contacted the sender to confirm. The fedex account was stolen. Then I contacted the bank on the check and its not valid.

      This person then contacted me via messaging and I put him on the spot. He acted all surprised. I but I never hear from them again.
  • I recently got approached via text message to join SGS. Which was not usual, however, after an amazing pitch I signed up to start working. After that a number of deposits were made into my account siting start up cost. This is where the trouble started. First my account was placed on hold, then one by one. The checks started to be returned. My bank then closed my account and said I couldn't do business with them again. All the while my recruiter had reassured me that the company "SBS" would pay for the "bad checks" and the fees it occurred but will not provide any detail on how this issue will be taken care of.
  • I've just started working for SGS and I must admit, while every place of employment has its good and bad, SGS in my opinion is not only legit but also offers a ray of hope for employment ascension. Never had a problem with getting paid or with condescending work superiors . This company is constantly evolving and improving its operations day by day within the cyber world. Hey, it could be worst, you could be working in one of Donald Trump's properties!
  • UNSTABLE: (1) During platform training in June to July-mid Aug 2015 on the Citi Group mortgage underwriting platform, the Houston, Texas HR staff screwed up the new training teams' on-boarding process (i.e., offer letters and relocation). (2) In July 2015, members of the sister training team in Rochester, NY didn't get their first paychecks on the Citi Group platform; that stopped training completely during a live training module via conference call because 4 people from Rochester were so livid, they actually left their training room and went immediately to HR. Rochester, NY is SGS' headquarters. (3) During the Citi Group mortgage platform training mid-July, the TX training team went to sit with current employees on the floor to observe and were informed by those floor underwriters that they were being laid-off, and the training team was training to take the jobs of the very employees they were assigned to sit with that day. Hence, the current employees refused to "train" and "side-by-sides" on the floor were suspended for the rest of day while account management over the Citi platform addressed both the training teams on an impromptu conference call regarding the layoffs. (4)In August 2015, the Citi platform floor manager over the underwriting, processing and closing team leads in TX was walked out mid-morning unexpectedly by upper management. The original estimated TX staff headcount of the Citi account platform had been upwards of 200 three years ago and it was stated by staff that by Aug 2015, staff was estimated to be under or at 65 employees. (5) Citi Group decided to cease their pipeline volume to SGS in Sept 2015 while staff completed the last of the outstanding loans through October 2015 (6) Out of an estimated 60 new on-boarded employees hired to train to work on the Citi Group platform, within 153 days only ten remained from both teams due to attrition or layoff. Citi Group had allegedly decided to pull their 5yr contract in January 2015 after only 3yrs with Sutherland but Sutherland hired regardless. (7) The estimated cost of personal relocation expense for each employee was between 7K-10K; the client, Citi Group, had provided the training for their own programs using their own WebEx programs, Sutherland has no on-site network administration or IT to support onsite staff; IT is re-routed to India. There is little investment into the employees well-being or morale, near-to-none employee engagement (past the development of the physical building at the worksite for physical security requirements), career development has only recently been introduced on a trial basis for career development, and there isn't appropriate technical support to allow functionality of staff for their assigned job responsibilities (as actual physical equipment such as workstations and peripherals are outdated, old running unsupported software programs and applications that are unsupported). Employees are subjected to a call center environment working in older, leased buildings located in community-challenged, inner-city locations. Therefore, turnover is high.
  • I applied for the 1800 Flowers position that was posted early in October through Sutherland Group and thehy keep sending me the same email when I ask about the position and when the training begins etc. It is now the end of October and I haven't heard anything about how to proceed. I don't trust this must be a scam.
    • It's not a scam but there have been internally posted HR management job requisitions, company-wide (and some have been "confidential"). They may be attempting to fill human resource staff and corporate recruiting positions to, in turn, as a vendor, then fulfill the client work orders. However, if you'll notice, the same job requisitions will stay posted and it may be an indication of constant turnover with the client for that project or platform.
  • I am checking it out. I think they need customer service reps. My issue is very limited communication. I was in training last week. Thrown on the phones the second day. Worked the weekend. Then to my horror checked my email at 6:00 am my time which is pacific to find out my hours were from 8:30 am est that day! Well, I was already a half hour late! Anyway, got repremanded, got a QA letter. Not happy, another issue is if you have a doctors appt etc., they don't listen. You tell an immediate above you that you need off, forget it. Anyway. I will stick it out. It is supposed to be part time seasonal only. Too many chiefs, too many Indians, and where is HR?

    I can't really say yet. I will see when my money gets deposited.
  • Terrible place to work.they expect you to put the job before your health and give u crazy hours to work that are not flexible. Don't even think about paid leave for having a baby or injury they WONT GIVE IT TO U
    • On the contrary. I've worked with a couple programs.

      If there was ever a conflict with the hours given, they would do what was possible to accommodate.

      A few months after I began a new position, I became ill. At first, I called in on occasion. As long as I followed the policy to get a doctor's note each time, that would cover those unexcused absences.

      It was until it got to the point of my doctor taking me out of work, did I submit the paperwork for short term disability, also followed up with FMLA.

      I was out of work for a month and got approved for disability.

      Upon my recovery, my doctor wrote the letter to release me back to work. Then I submitted that to my supervisor as well as HR. Disability insurance called to confirm I was back to work, ending my disability claim, and that was it.

      I had support of my team and supervisor welcoming me back. I felt very fortunate I was able to take the time to get better, and not worry about losing my job. Sutherland is a very fair place to work. I would certainly give them a 5-star rating.
  • I have been on a job in the Houston Texas office for 6 months. This is the worst of the worst jobs. Do not go to work here. They treat the employees like dogs! I have lived in Houston Texas for 40 years, no company has ever treated anybody as bad as this place does. All the Managers are very rude. The managers basically know nothing, and talk down to you like your stupid. I am highly intelligent, and cant believe what goes on here. No one is happy, everyone is miserable!! They want you to work 14 hour days 7 days a week. NO THANKS!!!!!I will tell everyone I know, DONT WORK AT SUTHERLAND GLOBAL!!!

    • Did you actually receive any payment?
    • Yes and I also work in the houston call center , very correct and the company only care how much you make them without concern for the detrimental effect there unprofessional communication and , ill trained management staff which clearly has no real training in management , attempts to micromanage without out common considerations of how they have been perceived by there own workforce, might all be due to the scandalous rochester upper management group if you look on google reviews you will find associated press reports about rochester new york employee with mail fraud scam being prosecuted and also arkansa call center agent bring federal suit against sutherland for not paying there loggin time to get systems up and being penalized, but agents won case.
  • Hi my name is Samantha Jones and I am from the caribbean at jamaica and I am a customer service rep and I would love to know if your company is hiring my country as well.
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