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Sweeties Sweeps, found online at SweetiesSweeps.com, is a website which says that they promise to help people how to effectively navigate the world of online sweepstakes so they can “win the things they can’t afford.”

Sweepstakes were traditionally a type of lottery-style prize giveaway that were tied to different product purchases, but the FCC and FTC eventually changed the laws so that all sweepstakes are now legally required to be “No Purchase Necessary to Enter.”

Because of this, sweepstakes are now most commonly used as marketing promotions to draw attention to companies or their products, and the goal of Sweeties Sweeps is to teach people how to successfully use sweeps to their advantage.

The Promises

According to their website, Wendy, the founder of Sweeties Sweeps, says that she has been entering and winning sweepstakes for more than twenty years, and she has won prizes as desirable as a $25,000 trip to France, a Dodge truck, multiple televisions, and multiple cash prizes in the thousands of dollars.

The goal of this website is to teach people the skills they need to provide them an advantage in entering and winning sweepstakes, specifically how to find legitimate sweepstakes to enter, how to watch out for scams, and more.

They also offer people a free eBook, called Free Sweeping 101, which will teach people the difference between a sweepstakes, contest, and instant win game, and where to find legitimate giveaways to enter.

The website says that people will also learn the four basic things they need to start winning today, and how to protect yourself from scams masquerading as sweepstakes and contests.

The Concerns

It appears that the resources you get from this website are all free of charge, but this likely means that the website is earning affiliate and partner fees from the sweepstakes and contests they link to their website visitors.

If this website is acting as an affiliate, there is some concern to whether their loyalty lies in providing their visitors with the best quality sweepstakes or with providing the sweepstakes that pay them the most commissions or benefits.

That being said, Sweeties Sweeps does say that they help their visitors figure out how to avoid junk mail, how to determine if sweepstakes are void or limited in certain states, and how to choose sweepstakes on your own.

As long as this company does not advocate purchasing products from the various sweeps companies they link you to, it seems as though this company might be a decent place to find information, though customers should always remember that it is never guaranteed that they will win anything.

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