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FTC Announces Permanent Ban on Fake
News Sites in Acai Berry Case

AcaiOptimum Fake News SiteThe Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it is asking federal courts to enact a permanent ban on affiliate marketers being able to use the fake news site as a marketing method.

The fake news site is an advertising method that has long been used by affiliate marketers of various products.  They create what looks like an online web page, with the format and content being modeled on legitimate news sources.  They present advertising claims and promotions in a way that makes them appear to be facts investigated by a journalist, rather than advertising slogans.

In addition, the sites generally use the logos of prominent news providers like CNN, MSNBC,

Watch Out For Fake News Sites

Fake news sites are a recent marketing tactic used to sell a variety of offers, most commonly work at home programs known as Google Biz Kits.  Some of the more notorious programs include Google Money Tree, Easy Google Profits, and Internet Wealth Builder.

These fake news sites all follow the same basic template in which the site poses itself as a local online paper running a feature story on a successful work at home Mom or Dad.  The website owners use an IP tracking tool to make sure that the papers all have your local town in the heading.  So for instance if you live in Fresno, CA when