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Jobs2Shop.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

If you love to shop, it only seems natural that obtaining a job as a mystery shopper is right up your alley. Jobs2Shop connects and matches members to the largest Mystery Shopping Companies. Not only can you become a mystery shopper, but you will also be able to take surveys, test products, and participate in focus groups.

With the numerous service companies members can access through Jobs2Shop there are many mystery shopping job opportunities. You can apply to any number of assignments and pick the ones you are most interested in.

Registering with Jobs2Shop is free; they provide their members the tools and the information necessary for success. The

Market Force Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Market Force, at www.MarketForce.com, is a company which uses something they call “customer intelligence” to help multi location business owners please their customers and orient performance in an efficient and profitable way.

Market Force defines customer intelligence as a “new, emerging methodology” for insight into your customers’ experiences in your store, as well information on the stores themselves, and your finances, and most importantly, how the three interact.

They claim that they will use advanced analytics to determine what store level changes will impact your finances the most. As part of their intelligence gathering system, Market Force employs Secret Shoppers and Certified Field Associates on a paid, part time, flexible