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Watch Out for Web Fortune Master Comment Spam

Marketers of the new work at home opportunity, web fortune master, have taken to comment spam as a means of promotion. You may have noticed these odd comments on some of your favorite online news and gossip sites.

The comments vary but essentially all claim that they’ve found a method that you can use to start making hundreds of dollars an hour online. They include a website link, which also constantly changes, most likely oddly spelled – depending on the news site’s spam settings.

Here’s an example of one taken off TMZ.com

web fortune master spam

So what are These Guys Trying to Sell You?

If you click through the comment spam

Web Fortune Master Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Web Fortune Master is a work from home training program from spokeswoman Angela Bussio promoting a link posting opportunity, a type of affiliate marketing which has been around since online marketing began.

In fact, link posting is one of the most popular online business opportunities, both for legitimate earning at home and for scammers who are hoping to take advantage of people, as described in this ABC News article.

Angela Bussio herself has promoted multiple link posting opportunities, each almost exactly the same as the last, generally with just a simple name change:

Legit or Scam: How to Tell