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Real Work at Home Jobs – Part Three

All right, part three of my series of posts concerning real work at home jobs.  Like I’ve said before, it’s easy to get discouraged because of all the scams and con artists out there, but there are real work at home jobs available if you simply know the right places to look. In this post I want to introduce you to some jobs you can do online that you probably never would have thought of on your own.

First, mystery shopper!  While mystery shopping won’t help you pay off your mortgage, it is a nice way to get some free meals and products – in addition to a moderate supplemental

Real Work at Home Jobs – Part Two

As I mentioned in my first post in this series, there are actual work at home jobs available, despite all the scams and cons that are out there.  In the first post, I went over the jobs that we talk about most often – blogging, transcription, medical transcription, and telemarketing.

In this post I want to go over some of the jobs that you may not know you can do from home.  First, and possibly most obvious, is customer service and sales verifications.  These are both jobs that one can easily do from home as long as you have telephone service, high speed internet, and a quiet place