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TagVillage is a company that is attempting to provide “revolutionary” new ad placement software, along with an online money making opportunity, as well as a platform to bring awareness to charitable causes.

According to their website, TagVillage is attempting to help Web Publishers and Advertisers with a system designed to more effectively place ads for their products and services in areas specifically trafficked by their target market.

The hope is that this more effective advertising system will result in greater revenues than advertisers achieve through other ad networks. And this is beneficial to TagVillage not just because of the service they perform, but because of their establishment as the country’s first “Tithing Corporation.”

This means that 10% of their revenue is donated to charity. One of their founding principles is that they want to use their online ad system as a way to develop public awareness for charitable causes.

How TagVillage Works for Earning Money Online

They also offer a way to earn money online for people anywhere in the world, called TagTraders. This system lets members buy popular keywords that people search online. Keywords can be as affordable as $5 a word.

Once you own your set of searchable keywords, you then make money when publishers and advertisers purchase ads targeted at the keywords you own. Members will earn 20% commissions.

TagVillage has forums that help TagTraders strategize, offer payment proof, and gives members a platform to sell the keywords they own to other members for profits. The company also offers the TagVillage Bazaar, a penny auction only available to their members.

Unfortunately, though the company was established almost two and a half years ago, it is still currently in Pre-Launch Beta mode, so it’s not up and running at full capacity just yet. Instead, they are paying people to become involved with their system while they Live Test their software and platforms before they fully launch.

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