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TapBooty, found online at TapBooty.com, is a rewards website and mobile application that offers users the ability to earn money for doing certain things online, like playing games and watching videos.

Rewards websites are specific type of marketing companies, that offer to pay members small amounts of money in return for them doing certain things – sometimes things that you do normally, other times small tasks they ask you to do.

To become a TapBooty member and download their mobile application is free to use; members who do not have a PayPal account will want to establish one, however, for the easiest way to receive their payments.

How Does TapBooty Work?

First, users must sign up for their free accounts and download the working app to their chosen mobile devices. This application is currently available for both Android and iOS systems, according to their website.

Generally speaking, TapBooty says they reward their members for downloading apps, playing games, completing offers, and watching videos. For everything you do, you will be awarded “Booty Coins.”

These Booty Coins can be accumulated and then used to “bet” on various games and other features that TapBooty offers, and when you “win” you will earn Prize Points, which then can be exchanged for cash and rewards.

What To Consider

Though TapBooty says that they will reward you for doing a wide variety of things, the majority of users say what they really want is for users to download and review various other mobile applications. This type of work may appeal to some people, but not others.

Another aspect of this company that users may want to think about is the fact that you don’t simply earn money for doing the things they ask you to. Instead, you are then asked to do a second round of “betting” to see if you “win” points that can then be exchanged for the money and gifts for work you have already done.

There are many other rewards websites available that will simply pay users directly for completing the tasks they are asked to do, so really it’s just the personal preference of the customer as to what kind of work they are interested in doing and whether they are willing to go through the extra step encouraged by TapBooty before collecting the money they have earned.

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