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TeleTech is a work at home opportunity found online at, which gives people the chance to truly find a part time, telecommuting job prospect that they can do successfully from the comfort of their home.

Most jobs you find online are not real jobs being offered by employers. Rather they are at home business opportunities that require a lot of time and effort – and many times, a lot of money – to get up and running before you can rely on a steady income.

TeleTech, on the other hand, genuinely offers a work from home opportunity, which gives you the chance to keep a specific schedule with a steady pay rate and a bi-weekly direct deposit paycheck.

How Does TeleTech Work?

TeleTech is a business process outsourcing company, not unlike competitors Alpine Access or Convergys, which partners with major companies from all over the world and helps them find and train a team of at home employees to handle important business functions that don’t necessarily need to be conducted from a brick and mortar office.

These functions include customer service phone calls, as well as “back office processing” such as financial transactions or social media management responsibilities.

TeleTech job opportunities are not available nationwide, unfortunately. They currently do not offer positions in eight of the fifty states, and the only Canadian location they service is Nova Scotia.

TeleTech Requirements

If you are interested in working with TeleTech, you must be able to meet certain requirements. First, you must have a dedicated home office that you can ensure will be quiet and interruption free for at least 4-6 hour shifts each day you work.

You must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours a week, as well as have a personal computer, high speed internet service that is a cable, DSL, or fiber connection, and a landline which will only be used for work calls during work hours.

If you do not have a landline currently, TeleTech says that you may wait until after you have been offered a position to order one.

Finally, you must be able to successfully pass a series of skills based exams, including one where you show an ability to appropriately use their software system. After you are hired, you will have to complete training before you can begin earning money, but unlike other telecommuting companies, you will never be required to pay for training.

Compensation for working with TeleTech depends on the final position you’ll be offered, what company you will be assigned to, and how many hours you work each week, but you will be given an hourly rate and paid bi-weekly.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " TeleTech " is 1.67 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • My situation is just like many here,

    I saw the ad posted in a group from TTEC company and I'm familiar with, the friend asks me to join telegram and just say "I'm interested". An Hr or so she said names Ann did the interview, which lasted like 10 mins and boom I was hired. Then all the stuff about your Id and d.o.b further to your bank details was issued.

    What was fishy is when I was asked to pay 95US to pay shipping, since I already had an email with a cheque for $950 sent from some accountant, which by the way was not used because my bank ,dont handle US cheques. This Ann person who turned out to be Cynthia Jean asked for my Fb account pinned to let her install some programs and just like that boom , my account got hacked into. We were still speaking on Telegram, when she asked me to lie to my husband to get the funds.

    This is so Sad and a harsh reality, to see during these pandemic times, persons hiding behind a system does that to others ,it is truly sickening.

    I wish these ppl wil be caught for their dirtiness and quit using the TTEC company as their source.

    Guys Run and don't look back NO TRUST FROM ME.
  • This week I received a text messages telling me that they saw my resume at INDEED. They offered me to work as Data Entry $30.75/hr and $15/hr during training. They interviewed me thru skype but I was amazed it was just thru messages. The direct manager name was Enricka Keene. Long story short, I was hired. She sent me an offer letter the next day it came from [email protected] It’s just weird because the Hr Department has no name only a signature. Then she told me that the Accounting Department would send me an electronic check for mobile deposit. I wasn’t sure about it, so I wanted to ask if they do send an electronic check thru mail, because ai had a feeling I might get scam. Please help me. Thanks
  • First question then my story. Do you have a hiring manager named gigi jones out of destin florida?

    I found the listing on facebook and reached out. I was just kinda curious. Was given a code to use on google hangouts and that is where it all started. The email i was given was [email protected] so I emailed them and went through a sort of interview. All said and done, she told me I hot the job. After talking about a few more things and what would be expected it was told I had to buy a $200 ebay card and give her the number so she could buy all the required software for a macbook air she would be mailing to me for work. She said once all the software was downloaded the company would reimburse me the $200. This was all the aoftware she was talking about.

    "Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with BS 1 Accounting software, myob business essentials software 2011, For Peach Tree premium 2014 US Patent Single Users Pack, simply accounting 2009,Adobe Photoshop 52011,Adobe Acrobat 8 2013,Ariba 8 2012ASP 32007,CSS 6 2012,Dreamweaver 7 2014,HTML 11 2014,Illustrator 3 2014."

    I don't have that warm and fuzzy about this. Something just isn't sitting right but she told me orientation would be 5 days starting tomorrow morning. In just not sure if this is a scam or not. Im thinking it is.
  • I was told they found my resume in healthcare nationwide for a medical position I was not aware it was online. I was inteview thru chat with some lady name lisa t. She was telling me about training and the said to send out the application to her after I got the job. Uhm so I did now they saying they will be sending a check out to me and I have to deposit it to my bank to buy equipment. anybody' know if this is a scam !!!? I asked by I need to deposit it and can't just cash it in and she said for security purposes
    • This is a typical scam. They will send you a counterfeit check. I was scammed once like that. But i didnt spend the "fake" money to buy anything. I went to a check cashing facility and they told me the check is fake. But unfortunately i did deposit the check through my app, by taking a picture of it, before i knew it was counterfeit. Then my bank closed my account and I can't reopen another account with them forever. My name went to chex systems and then i had to write them letters saying that i was innocent. I was a victim of a scam. Then they removed my name from chex system. This company TTEC is also calling me. So if it is a scam please let. Us know all the details.
  • scam scam.... they will send you a cheque and will ask to make mobile deposit and then get the cash and give it to a vendor. Its like a mafia. Don't fall for this. They will say HR will contact you this crap and that. SCAM
  • I have a quiet atmosphere to work for teletech.
  • I worked in actual call center [email protected] position. If you work they will pay without a problem. Its a good company.
  • I answered a job posting thru Craigslist, which was probably already questionable. It sounded good like ALL scams, and someone who could barely speak English called me the very next day. She asked if I was still interested in the job and then started asking some "off the cuff" questions such as my date of birth. I asked why she needed that, and she said to properly process my application, she needed that information. I flat-out told her no. Then she asked a few more strange questions and asked said if I was being considered, I would receive a call for an interview. I said ok and was already deciding against it when I got another call from the same type thick accent asking me almost the same exact questions as the previous lady. I answered her questions until she became adamant about getting my date of birth, too. I told her no legitimate company in the US is supposed to ask for your birthdate as a pre-screening tool. I asked point blank if the company was a scsm, as if she was really going to admit it. Finally, I told her I wasn't giving out my birthdate and told her I was no longer interested. I thought that was that until a few minutes later, I received a text confirming an interview time and date. Of course, I didn't go because it really sounded like a scam. After hanging up with her, I checked the reviews out wow, there were tons of complaints about them. It turns out they are an actual company, but are very deceitful and shady in their dealings. Thanks but NO THANKS! BEWARE AND BE WARNED ABOUT TELETECH!!!
  • Working for teletech offers you the convenience of working from home for more than minimum wage.

    I worked for teletech for several months. I was hired for one position, but once training began, was told that the position would not be available until after the holidays. I was also told that if I wanted to obtain that position, I would have to go through with the customer service position and work it until the "tech" training began that January. The customer service position paid less and the tech position never became available. I believe it was a lie to begin with. It was a part time position, so I dealt with it until I decided to quit.

    Training was paid and I had plenty of hours thru the holiday season, but I'm not sure what it would've been like otherwise.

    Overall, the experience was not bad. The worst part was that they said I could have every Saturday off for religious purposes, but reneged. I called in every Saturday, with no problem. However, I went out of town one weekend and got snowed in. I couldn't return home to work, so I quit before I was fired so that I would be considered re-hire able. This is not a problem if you work from a laptop.

    I'm giving this review a 4 because I feel like they are not completely honest during recruitment. Otherwise, it's a job. And a convenient one at that.
    • Did they send you a check to purchase all of your equipment? Im hearimg this is a scam
    • I've worked on several projects for Teletech. No they do not send you a check to get your supplies. You must provide a usb headset compatible with their software they use, a compatible laptop or desktop,an ethernet to connect your router or modem to the computer you will be using, and high speed internet. They state these are items that must be supplied by the agent and are not going to be reimbursed to you! If the position requires a land line phone it will state on the job, otherwise you will be using a usb headset to receive calls via calls inside a secure workspace on voip. I was employed for one of my projects for over a year, and then due to staffing cuts, did lose my job. So yes it's a legit company. Now I see they are requiring you to purchase a usb drive to put the software on. Anyone who has ever worked from home before usually has the basic start or either the full set up of a home office. Also a side note: they have a strict no background noise policy! You are paid every 2 weeks unless otherwise stated, via direct deposit or you can opt for their paycard that they have. I'm actually waiting to get on my offer call today for another job with them!
  • I applied for a job listed on the website and the job was for working at home and the ad clearly said it was full time I had to apply four different times and to this day they cant tell me what happen to my application for full time they lie like crazy they say its full time then they change the salary , hours on you run its a rip off
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